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Jane's Corner: The Jewel of the Maharajah's Eye (Chapter 8)

Chapter Eight Raghav smiled and flirted gently with Perse escorting her back towards the palace. Delighting her with small anecdotes about the place, pointing out the outstanding architecture, giving her some of the history, showing her several areas of detailed inlay work, waiting patently whilst she took pictures. He was the perfect host. “I will just go and tell one of the servants that you are with me, and make arrangements for our lemonade” he said pleasantly as they walked up to the doors, when his phone rang. “Please excuse me,” he said smiling, pulling out his mobile and answering. It was his uncle demanding to see him straight away. Raghav made a face. Why Now!! he scowled when he had the perfect opportunity with  the woman but even as he looked up he saw Bahadhur Singh walking towards them in the distance and then he saw Samir run up to Bahadhur Singh from the direction of the annex. Damn! Where had these two suddenly appeared from? His whole plan was r

Weekend Attractions

MTV Roadies MTV, The Roadies receive their passports and visas for America.Excited at finally getting what they had been waiting for since their journey began,they land in San Francisco,where they are welcomed and eventually proceed to their hotel.Being instructed to don their sportswear, they arrive at a dance studio where Rannvijay briefs them on the fitness Pole Dance. The Historical Micheal Jackson Concert BIG CBS Prime, Its been 3 years since the King of Pop ,Micheal Jackson said goodbye to the world and his millions of fans.But who can forget the patented moonwalk,the sparkly black jacket and white socks,the honed pre-break dancing moves ?The concert ,a tribute to MJ,is a two hour special in honour of Micheal Jackson's thirtieth year as a solo entertainer. Live it loud UTV Bindass, A one and half love story that was almost over is revived as the Bindass Dance Squad now plays cupid to Mumbai's Nikhil and Kavita.Lovers for a lon

Jane's Corner: The Jewel of the Maharajah's Eye (Chapter 7)

Chapter Seven As he approached the corridor for Raghav's rooms Samir knew Bahadhur Singh had been right in calling him. He could clearly hear a girl's screams of protest from behind the closed doors of Raghav's rooms. Two of his friends were stationed outside the doors laughing, smoking and cracking crude jokes about what was going on inside. Samir's furious dark eyes rested upon them, his face like thunder. Both of them took one look at his angry face and clenched fists as he strode towards them and decided to make a run for it. “So no loyalties here” muttered Samir as he watched them run off leaving the door unguarded. The girls screams seemed to be getting louder, he was just about to kick at the door, then he thought that Raghav in all his misplaced arrogance probably had not even locked it, knowing that nobody would dare interrupt whatever he was doing normally. Samir tried the handles and sure enough it was not locked. Throwing both the doors wi

Jane's Corner: The Jewel of the Maharajah's Eye (Chapter 6)

Chapter Six Choti Raani Saheeba looked critically at the Grand Dining hall as everyone entered. It did look stunning even she had to admit. She could still pull out the stops and paste over the cracks when required, now she hoped that her husband could also do the same. She looked at him with the same critical eye, was he up to the job, there was a lot of money around this room and they could definitely do with it. She spied Samir holding out the chair for Dr Gupta and the way his eyes looked at her. Excellent, she thought it looks like the distraction will work. As she looked at him she wondered what his mother had, that she did not, she had been just as beautiful, an accomplished hostess, a perfect royal princess but her husband had never even bothered to look. The way Amar Singh's cold eyes had looked at her in her wedding finery on their wedding day had killed that beautiful woman inside her. That day all her dreams had turned to ashes in the fire that they made thei