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Jane's Corner: The Jewel of the Maharajah's Eye (Chapter 5)

Chapter Five Putting aside her simple black dress, Perse looked at all the clothes that Sunitaji had given her to try. It was a huge pile. Sunitaji has confessed that before her marriage to Arun she had been as slim as Perse and had loved to buy clothes but had hated throwing anything away in the hope of one day getting that slim figure again or passing them on to her daughter. Sadly she had only sons so, she was left with all these. Perse tried on lenghaas, chaania cholis and all sorts of saris but then her eye caught on simple chiffon sari in shades of blue, there were tiny mirrors sewn all over it, making it sparkle like a million stars. “That one!” Perse said excitedly. Sunita looked at her critically for a moment and then beamed “yes that is perfect for you. It will look beautiful, the perfect match for you eyes. Now for the blouse.” “Blouse? Oh, but we have only today left, and its already late evening, we will never get it sewn!” Perse frowned. “Never mind, I will choose so

Jane's Corner: The Jewel of the Maharajah's Eye (Chapter 4)

Chapter Four Raghav looked at his Uncle and sniggered. Really, the old man had no guts. “Raghav don't do this Samir is here, Raghav dont do that Samir is here.” Really! He was not afraid of his half-brother at all and there was no way he was going to change his life style to accommodate anyone. He was a prince and he intended to act like one. Amar Singh glared at his nephew. The boy was the image of his father, good looking, tall, but without the charisma his brother had, and now alcoholism and the drugs he had become addicted to were starting to show their effects on him. Frustrated with his nephew he looked down at his desk, gambling debts, bar debts, all over the district, in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangkok, payment for all sorts of services that he did not want to think about, designer clothes, cars, horses, jewellery.....the piles of bills were endless. Raghav was the monster he had helped to create and now that monster was eating  him alive and he could do nothing about it.

Jane's Corner: The Jewel of the Maharajah's Eye (Chapter 3)

Chapter Three Moving towards her he prised the camera out of her nerveless fingers turning back to the horse he carefully buckled it into a saddle bag. He turned to say something to her but she looked rooted to the spot, her eyes full of terror. Suddenly he felt contrite for scaring her out of her wits. Crooking a long elegant finger, he gently raised her chin so she looked at him with those extraordinary eyes, which had turned dark violet with fright. “Trust me.” He whispered softly, looking deeply into them.  She blinked and stared into his face for a second and then he saw that she was coming back to herself as her face paled and she opened her mouth to say something, seizing that moment he lifted her again and placed her sideways on the saddle. Toofan stamped his hooves arrogantly, turning his head he looked at her as if he understood everything and snorted, Perse was sure he was laughing at her. Grabbing on to the horn of the saddle tightly, Perse hissed down at him from