Twist in Tales!!!

Dil Se Di Dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava: Viraj accuses Jhahnvi for being with her friend

In today's episode you will see Viraj calling up Jhahnvi and telling her to go shopping and buy herself a wrist watch. He also tells her that he appreciates her love and concern for him so he wants her to go and buy her a gift from his side. On hearing this Jhahnvi is a little shocked, but Viraj's gesture makes her happy. Jhahnvi buys a couple-watch set, but on her way back home, her car breaks down. Due to taxi strike; she does not even get any cab back home. Meanwhile, Viraj is on his way to pickup his wife and that is when he sees Jhanvi talking to her friend Sanjay who offers her a lift. Jhahnvi accepts it as she is in a hurry to get back home. After reaching home, Jhahnvi decorates the table with cakes, candles and the gift she bought for her husband. But, as Viraj walks in, he is seen in a very bad mood and starts accusing his wife for being with her friend Sanjay. What would be Viraj’s next course of action?

Saware Sabke Sapne - Preeto: Rajbeer and Preeto's love story no more remains a secret

Imagine's TV drama series Preeto will see a new turn in the upcoming episodes. Ishu’s (Iira Soni) mother-in-law goes under the assumption that Simran is getting carried away by the Dhillon family and she thinks that Ishu could be the reason for it. So she will ill treat Ishu who manages to tackle the situation and get over it. 

However, the kindle love story between Rajbeer and Preeto will be another dramatic element in the upcoming episodes. Things get a little negative with Biji, as one day she locates an affectionate piece of letter that Preeto had addressed to Rajbeer, which stated her concern for her family which is keeping her away from him. After reading this letter, Biji keeps mum and decides not to confront Preeto about it. To know what happens next, you will have to wait and watch.

Bade Achche Lagte Hain on Sony Entertainment Televison

Priya and her family get together for New Year’s celebration at Priya’s parents house. The entire family plays the game of dumb charades. Priya feels flustered when she is forced to act out a movie mentioned by Mr. Kapoor, but she manages to get it right eventually. Meanwhile, Natasha’s health deteriorates, but she refuses to tell Priya anything, despite her insistence. Natasha’s doctor tells that she wants to end this matter and if she doesn’t come to see her tomorrow, then she will tell Natasha’s family everything. How long can Natasha keep the news of her abortion hidden from her family?

Balika Vadhu : Gauri V/s Anandi Face Off

After finding out that her studies were secretly financed by Bhairo Singh, Gauri goes to Jaitsar to confront Jagat’s family. She accuses them of hiding their guilt behind their money and says that they did all this to humiliate her and her family. Listening to all this, Anandi confronts Gauri and criticizes her for doubting the intentions of the Man (Bhairo Singh) who actually helped her to become a successful doctor. Jagiya’s mother tells Gauri that due to her self-centered nature, her marriage with Jagiya will never be successful. Gauri takes it as a challenge and is determined to show the entire family that her relationship is way to strong. Gauri decides to make her marriage work and doesn’t want to lose Jagiya at any cost. How will Jagiya react when he gets to know about all this?

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