Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha: In Pursuit of a Mother's Happiness!

Today I want to talk about the new show on Colors “Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha.” 

This is the story of Megha Vyas, a widow 
with two kids Addu and Nanhi, and Mohan Bhatnagar, a carefree Bachelor who lives life on his own terms.

Megha is happily married to Amar, an engineer by profession till a fatal accident strikes down her world of happiness. Amar works at a construction site and is assigned the task of building a bridge. However, without his knowledge, the builder uses low quality cement which causes the bridge to collapse. Amar not only loses his life but is also blamed for the entire mishap. 

Though the world around, considers Amar to be guilty and responsible for the death of innocent people, his wife Megha and his father decide to file a court case against the builder, to prove Amar’s innocence.  

While Addu is too young to realize and understand the void that dwells in his mother’s life, Nanhi feels it every moment.

When tragedy strikes us, more than often we are so immersed in our own grief that we fail to realize that our actions, reactions, and words affect others around us, especially our children. We at times fail to comprehend that they observe us minutely and can sense every emotion and pain we go through. The only hindrance is that they can’t express themselves like adults. They can neither act diplomatically nor practice hypocrisy. They see, understand and interpret everything in either black or white.

The life of the parent and the child revolves around one another. Just as a child’s happiness is of utmost importance to a parent, the same holds true for a child too, though they may not be able to demonstrate it in a manner similar to that of an adult. Hence, anything that troubles or gives pain to a parent becomes a prime cause for concern for the child, making them want to solve the same. After all, they want to replicate what they have been taught by that very parent!

A parent plays various roles in a child’s life such as that of a friend, a guide, a mentor, and a teacher! However at times, in the process, we as adults seldom notice the efforts or attempts made by children in pursuit of a parent’s happiness and take them for granted.

In this show, Na Bole Tum…one can see Nanhi’s helplessness, as she observes her mother fight the big bad world in trying to make ends meet after her father’s demise. She wishes that someone as strong and loving as her father could stand by her mom and save her from all the humiliation.

An idea strikes her little mind as she watches a show on television and witnesses widow re-marriage. Nanhi finally discovers a way to put an end to her mother’s miseries. With a clean heart and purest of intentions, she decides to put an advertisement in the paper to find a suitable groom for her single mother. However, she is disappointed and heartbroken on learning they have refused to honor her request and publish it since she is a minor. 

Luckily, to her surprise, Mohan Bhatnagar, the Good Samaritan comes to her rescue and gets her work done. For Nanhi, Mohan is the Man who understands her mother’s pain despite being a stranger and hence takes an instant liking towards him.

The little angel goes to sleep feeling happy and content that her efforts would soon bring back the lost smile on her Mother’s face. But least does Nanhi know then that she is unintentionally inviting trouble for her mother. With the release of the ad all hell breaks loose in the family. While everyone in the household is utterly shocked, Megha gets to know the truth and decides to take Nanhi to task. 
As much as we understand Megha’s anger, can we really blame Nanhi for her actions? Is it wrong if a child wants to see her mother happy and act towards it? Do share your views and let us know what you think Megha should do?

To see how the story unfolds, tune in to Colors, Monday to Friday at 10:30 pm, to see the novel love story of Mrs. Vyas and Mohan in “Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha.”

Swati Ghosh


  1. The show sounds quite interesting with a nice concept and a tight storyline. First 5 episodes were really good.

  2. amazing show. I am really loving it and I was surprise to see Nissar as the director. This show will do good.


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