Sub-consciously Arnav is already in love with Khushi and hence denies it: Ved Raj

Ved Raj
There is a popular belief in the creative land, that one need not necessarily be a hard-core romantic to deliver romantic scenes. When we talked to Ved Raj, the writer of Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon on StarPlus,we realized this versatile writer has so many facets to him, it is but impossible to attribute one particular type to him. The same holds true with the body of work that he has taken up as well. As we got on chatting with him about his writing, his shows, here is what he had to say.

Rangmunch: What kind of love Story were you visualizing as a writer when you first conceived Khushi and Arnav?

Ved: The story was supposed to be passionate rightly as the title suggested it was to convey the line“ Nafrat door jaane na de, Mohabbat paas aane na de." What I had in mind is not what is shown today, and what is shown was not in my mind. Having said that the basic concept remains the same. A stubborn egoistical man and a goofy girl, but the nuances of the characters keeps changing. We never thought so much humour would work but when it did we brought more of that in. When intense scenes are required, we do that too. So basically not all has changed but improvising here and there happens all the time.

Rangmunch: What is that held Lavanya and Arnav together in the first place?

Ved: Lets talk about Lavanya first. For her it was a man with money, style and aura. He personified class and Lavanya being today's girl identified with that. She did love him in her own way but it was not real love but an arrangement sort of love. From Arnav's side it was more of a woman who liked him, who gelled with his needs, and who was smart enough to hold her own in the media. She was his punching bag. He also somewhere knew that throwing tantrums at  her won’t bother her as she knew exactly what kind of a guy he was. It was a mutual happy arrangement.

Rangmunch: It is hard to even believe at some level that a man like Arnav who claimed to be off woman and love would succumb to a relationship tag.

Ved: No, that’s not the case. We didn't want to stick to the cliche of TV shows where a character is shown off love and woman, that was not our concept. Arnav has no problem with Lavanya and the friendship they share. Its just that he is in a denial mode where subconsciously he is already in love with Khushi and hence denies being in love with Lavanya.

Rangmunch: What do you do when you face a writers block in story or with the characters?

Ved: (laughs) We don’t face one since there is no time to. But if it happens, we just bitch about stuff and get back to work.

Rangmunch: How difficult is to get into the mind of so many characters at a time?

Ved: Actually, its very difficult. I‘m living my characters 24/7. I’m always preoccupied. My wife tries to speak to me but I am lost somewhere else. It’s very chaotic in ones mind. I also write scenes of Gopi, that doesnt mean, I am thinking like her as well. It means, we know what goes where into the story.

Rangmunch: Being creative you have to switch off and on. How do you deal with varied emotions since you are working on multiple shows?

Ved: Yes, I’m creative but a machine as well at the same time. I am doing 4 shows, so everything is all over the place. I am a manager, a printing guy…and so much more ..(laughs it out). It’s like I do my work as it’s a job and switch off after that. I can't iron clothes or fold my shirts. My wife does that for me. Similarly when I work with all these emotions on the shows, I do that because may be I am good with that. It comes naturally to me. I'm bad at many things but good at this.

Rangmunch: Do you interact with the actors and let them know what you expect out of them?

Ved: No we don’t. We just meet in parties and have a chilled out time. If we  start meeting actors then they would try to know their tracks and all would get very messy. So its better to stay on your own turf and do your job .

Rangmunch: What other shows are you doing at the moment?

Ved: I’m doing IPKKNDSaath Nibhaana Saathiya, Sasural Simar ka (COLORS), and Mrs Kaushik ki Paanch Bahuye…

Here is a Sneak Peak into Part 2 of this interview where Ved shall answer 

questions on Iss Pyaar such as...

  • In IPKKND, since both Arnav and Khushi have now broken off their engagements, so do we know see them exploring their relationship in a new light now ?
  • Who’s brainchild is Arnav? 
  • What is it about Khushi that attracts Arnav towards her ?
Note:All this and more, in the next part of this interview! Do tell us what you think about this interview. We have kept in mind the growing questions in the minds of the audience while framing the interview. However owing to the fact that, there are various levels involved in the process of show making, the answers provided by the interviewee, are only those that are within his scope! We at Rangmunch.TV always endeavor to try and bridge the gap between those that live on either side of the camera! Hope you liked reading the above segment!

Edited By,
Navyanka Varma

Interviewed by,
Niharika Vidya Sagar


  1. I loved the questions and answers.. These were the doubts fans had too!

    But all now I can say is that there is lot of filler's in the show from past 2 weeks ! We don't enjoy the nok jhok between ASR-KKG!
    There is no maturity in the show right now other than Akash-Payal!
    It is on point 1 again!

    ghoom phir ke wahi agaya

    I find KKG more kiddish/rude towards ASR than before and there is no interesting thing that's able to attract ASR-KKG jhagada's now a days!

    But am irked with these fillers mainly! Hope to see some sensible scenes from this new year bash in IPK!

    NK character has added some light to the show with lots of humors!No doubt Akash-Payal scenes are always cute!

    And No doubt IPK always rocks and a unique show!
    We love Barun-Sanaya, they are doing a great justice to their characters!

  2. Lovely article, thank you. Look forward to next part.

  3. Love the show,and am a big fan. But lately, the show is not gluing me to the screen like it used to...

    Here are a few suggestions/ questions as a viewer and avid follower of the show:

    1. Anjali: Anjali needs to become suspicious at least at this stage/ or someone else in the Raizada family. If she does not, it makes her character look absolutely without substance, and I'm not sure that's what you want. Also she does not notice any chemistry between Arnav and Khushi---how is that possible, when these days he is staring at Khushi right in front of Anjali ?

    2. Nani: Continuing from the point above, how come Nani does not notice either, the lady who had said she wanted Khushi to be in front of Arnav's eyes so he realizes what a good, traditional girl should be like? This was right after Khushi was brought in to train Lavanya.

    3. Money in the Gupta Household: The Gupta ladies are making shopping lists that include a plate of silver for Anjali--where is the money coming from? Is Khushi still giving tutions?

    4. Arnav's job: Arnav does not look realistic where work is concerned: the furthest he's travelled so far is Nainital---a fashion head honcho would travel to all the fashion weeks in Milan, New York, Milan, etc---or at least the one in Mumbai? Even if you don't show him in these venues, can Arnav be absent in an episode or two, travelling, so Khushi gets a chance to miss him? And Arnav looks a little outdated with his laptop---a guy who has his own helicopter does now even own an iPad? And why is he forever at home? Does he have only one office which is being renovated from Diwali and is not yet ready by Christmas? I understand budget restrictions for sets, but surely there is a creative way around it?
    5. Consistency : So far, we have had a Farak padta hai track which got chopped midway, a Shyam revelation track which got shoved to the background and is now getting pulled along at the cost of Anjali's character, a blindingly fast Payal-Akash courtship and engagement track, and now the NK track, where Arnav is jealous---none of these transitions look smooth.

    Don't you think the audience would have appreciated an intense new-year episode ?

    6. Is is possible that the creatives have not seen all the epis of the show from the beginning?

    To add to Arnav and Khushi's relationship at this juncture, shouldn't Khushi be made aware that Arnav put the silver coins in the soap packet on Dhanteras (pre-Diwali)? Also, doesn't Arnav need to know that Khushi sold her bangle to buy plants for Arnav (so he would think they were from Lavanya, and he would bring Lavanya back)?

    Creatives do not pay attention to detail: proof: they showed Khushi's blue dress which was stolen on the Nainital trip again during a recent episode.

    Shouldn't we start seeing glimpses of Arnav's past so we know the reasons why he is pushing Khushi away despite being attracted to her?

    Shouldn't we see flashbacks of how Anjali and Shyam met so the pain of the revelation is even more dramatic?

    7. More of Arnav and Khushi: The core audience needs to see their relationship---not just a rabba-ve in front of all the members of Raizada parivaar which leads to nothing and none noticing it other than NK--they can each have flashbacks, dream-sequences (as shown before), they can be shown to think about each other, having some sort of realization within themselves---nok-jhonk is fine, but these encounters can't be a carbon copy of the earliest weeks of the show, they now need to laced with their awareness of each other. And possibly, at least one sane conversation which isn't cut short by either of them or by someone else's interference.

    1. Good post. I don't enjoy or follow the show seriously any more and catch the episodes when i can but trawl the web reading about it... shows I am still addicted... loved your detailed comments.

      but you know what, I dont think the writers ko farak padta hai (LOL)

  4. Fantastic post Damyanti. I hope Ved Raj reads them and takes some of your suggestions into consideration. You made very relevant observations. Arnav badly needs an IPhone, IPad or MacBook Pro. I know he doesn't need to show off but all these things make the show more current and happening. Other shows like Ek hazard main or bade ache lagte hai spend so much more money on all these, that it hurts to see our favorite show missing all this. It gives me creeps when we see Arnav walking all day with one black file folder. Who on earth uses folders like these? Cant he bee seen reading Business Week magazines, playing golf/chess (on I phone/I pad) going to cocktails, fashion shows ....things like that. I love when they show him gardening. I would also prefer him driving a mercedes or a BMW as well once in a while and sometimes with a chauffeur. I wish the Creatives knew what a huge fan base this show has. And how much expectation we have. It is almost like an obsession.

  5. Thank you so much for such an amazing article. We clearly hope and pray the directors and creatives realize that we do want to see what we were shown in the promo before and not other things. We want to see the writer's version into the show. let's make IPK a different show and avoid this Shaym triangle , because it just makes the show so much more typical like other show.

    Cannot wait for part 2- Hopeflly, the writer can answer if the show is about Arnav and Khushi or not, because their screen time is nill infront of Shaym.

  6. thankz 4 the article just 1 request plz show arnav khushi understanding each other realizing luv 4 eachother show them having sum sensible conversation rather just fighting with eachother

  7. Interesting Interview. When I first saw his name during GEET days, i expected Ved Raj to be like 50 years old man. LOL.

    Good Luck with Arni and Khushi.

  8. Interesting interview....thanks for bringing us the writer's perspective.Looking forward to part 2.

    Yes, something has been missing in the show lately. After such a brilliant and classy portrayal of ASR and Lavanya's breakup,it is hard ot believe the same creative team is responsible for the limp episodes of the last several weeks.

    KKG's goofiness has crossed a line now and is no longer funny or interesting. Just can't understand why they don't show some evolution and growth in her character.

    ASR is the only believabl and consistent character in the show.

    Please bring back the edge that's been lost

    (remember the magic of their first meeting? the construction site scene? the resignation letter scene? the Diwali scene....what's happened to all that??????!)

    But thanks to Rangmanch for giving us a glimpse into the writer's thinking.

  9. Great post, Mins. We're all looking for the lost magic...I did add some questions and suggestions, hope someone is listening!

  10. Agreed with others here that there has been MANY inconsistancies in the story lines! The "Farak Padata Hain" track being the most obviouse that crashed & burned! I like the current track, but NEED to see Khushi and Arnav facing their feelings AT LEAST to themselves! THAT will be a start!
    Shyam needs to be put in jail in the not too distant future!
    I LOVE this show and want to see the WRITER's vision of the story come alive! NOT Star Plus's version of it!
    THAT is not what people are tuning in to see! Equal measures of comedy/drama/romance is needed! Want to see the intensity of the first months on the show return!

  11. Please put an end to shyam character. we are sick of seeing him talking to anybody. how come the raizada family have not got suspicious of him. atleast arnav should get inquisitive as to who was khushi engaged to.
    at least he should be aware of his jijaji's nature... and from their the hate track can start.

  12. Please get he old magic between the 2 back itss neede urgently.. bcoz the show is loosing itss charm we want arnav-khushi the lead back..plzzzzz....and on the other the show sath nibhana saathiye doesn't desrve to be on the top...rubbish story...

    pls pls pls....juzz get back IPKKND/..plzzz...<3 the leads....<3 and the show..

  13. The English of the author terrible, questions boring and writing horrible!

  14. Wow thanks so much for this interview! I really want to read the rest! Thanks

  15. interesting interview!!!
    but i have some suggestions.. : at least arnav should know that khushi is innocent.. (from the dialogue between KKG and shyam).. and also KKG (from shyam's dialogue itself) must know why arnav married her.. then the episodes may continue for some time as both of them didn't realize the truth yet... then the chemistry between ASR & KKG will make the serial more interesting.. because the audience wants to see their relationship.. but it broke up when they were about to propose.. so my suggestion is that the serial may continue as it is now but let both of them realize the truth and don't tell each other about it for some episodes...

  16. ipkknd rocksssssssss

  17. love ipkknd. barun and sanaya rocksssssssss

  18. Hi Is Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon Is Ditto copy Of ENGLISH ROMANCE NOVEL CHRISTINA COMES TO TOWN by ANNE WEALE. But I must complement A very Good Imitation Indeed.Arnav is doing justice to the role of Sean Savage. Khushi lacks a little bit As Christina . A touch Jane Castle ,s heoineis also added

  19. Arna should get some good suits , hes handsome but shud b dressed so that we believe that hes a business tycoon...Also can't Anjali b lil more smarter..they r showing that Anjali is in contact with Shyam..but when all this has happened how can she just ignore evrythinh..y can't she ponder on things n analyse it...all the actors are amazing they r doing justice to their roles...but director n writer should consider lots of things as this show is rated as the Top one ..
    As mentioned earlier , his dress, laptop( technology), once in a while show his office ( also let it not be like a set should be little more feel like office )
    Make Anjali little more smarter not soooooooo innocent ..also now its high time to show Anjali's baby bump.


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