Sing a song:The untold story!

Rangmunch.TV is back with the sing a song segment, where we choose the most appropriate Bollywood song that best describes the emotions of the  characters based on the current track in your favourite shows.

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge on Sony Entertainment Television:

“Mein Niddhi se pyaar karta hoon.” These words from Ashutosh not only shock Mallika but also shatter her completely. In her agony, Mallika reveals every truth of how she tried ways and means to keep Ashutosh and Niddhi apart. Instead of getting angry, Ashutosh’s words takes Mallika by surprise. He thanks Mallika instead and tells her that unknowingly she had actually helped him to realize and accept his feelings for Niddhi and eventually bond with her. While Dr. Ashutosh and Niddhi are happy in their newfound love, Dr. Mallika leaves heartbroken. These lines describe Mallika’s heartache very aptly.

Yeh Raat Khushnaseeb Hai, Jo Apne Chaand Ko
Kaleje Se Lagaaye So Rahi Hai
Yahan To Gam Ki Sej Par, Hamaari Aarzoo
Akeli Munh Chhupaaye Ro Rahi Hai
Yeh Raat Khushnaseeb Hai, Jo Apne Chaand Ko
Kaleje Se Lagaaye So Rahi Hai

Parichay on Colors:

Siddhi’s in-laws turned against her and suspected her intentions. They thought that she was hand in gloves with Rohit and Raveena, and helped them to elope. However, Kunal when asked to comment on the incident, he not only supported Siddhi but also empathized with her. Kunal revealed to his family as to how Siddhi had arranged for funds for Raveena’s mehendi ceremony and reminded them of her selfless love and good deeds that she time and again did for the well being of their family, including her decision to marry Kunal. Siddhi who has already started to fall in love with Kunal’s goodness ever since he fixed her sister’s wedding, is further overwhelmed to see his complete trust and faith in her. This song describes Siddhi’s feelings for Kunal perfectly.

Kaunsa mod aaya zindagi ke safar mein 
Bas gaya tu hi tu ab toh meri nazar mein 
Main tujhe jaan gayi, oh oh oh oh oh
Tujhko pehchaan gayi,
phir bhi teri haan hai baaki                                                             

Thoda sa pyaar hua hai, thoda hai baaki 
Thoda sa pyaar hua hai, thoda hai baaki
Hum toh dil de hi chuke, oh oh oh oh oh
Hum toh dil de hi chuke, bas teri haan hai baaki 
Thoda sa pyaar hua hai, thoda hai baaki

Saath Nibhana Sathiya on StarPlus

This week we saw a pleasant turn of events. Ahem starts to respond to his heart, which wants to care for Gopi. For Ahem, its only friendship but somewhere deep down he knows he is slowly coming to accept Gopi’s existence in his life. This change is somewhat disturbing Kokila. Meanwhile these lines are just apt to describe the bonding between Gopi and Ahem.

Do dil mil rahe hain, magar chup chupke
Sab ko ho rahi hai, haan sabko ho rahi hai,
Khabar chupke chupke, ho ho ho ho
Do dil mil rahe hain, magar chup chupke

Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai on Star Plus

The character of Viraat is more than what meets the eye. Behind all his fun and laughter, lies a broken heart. The flashes from Viraat’s past revealed that he did love a girl named Maya and wanted to marry her. Though the reason for his separation with Maya is still a mystery, it’s very evident from his actions that he does not want to remember her or wish to tread a path from the past. Hence, he refuses to meet Maya when she calls him. As much as we wish to see, a love track between Viraat and Manvi, it’s not going to happen easily since Viraat till date has not been able to forget or forgive Maya. The lyrics of this song beautifully describe his heartache as he remembered Maya with tears in his eyes.

mausam Mausam Tha Suhaana Bada
mausam Mausam Maine Dekha Usse
hua Main Paagal Bas Pal Bhar Mein
aake Basi Hai Voh Mere Mann Mein
uski Kami Hai Ab Jeevan Mein
voh Door Hai Meri Nazron Se
kyoon Usse Main Chaahoon

sach Keh Raha Hai Deewana Dil
dil Na Kisi Se Lagaana
jhoothe Hai Yaar Ke Vaade Saare
jhoothi Hai Pyaar Ki Kasmein
maine Har Lamha Jisse Chaaha, Jisse Pooja
ussi Ne Yaaron Mera Dil
toda Toda, Tanha Tanha Chhoda

Swati Ghosh


  1. Ugh I hate Maya..!! she needs to get out of the way asap! VirMan forever ♥

  2. Beautifully analysed. Glad to see KTLK included in this article. All the shows chosen are gr8 ones.


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