Rest in Peace Rubina!

“With every birth God shows how much he loves us and with every death he tells us that he still rules.”

Death is the brutal fact of Life and one cannot escape it. Everyone who is born is destined to die someday, but it is really very difficult to come to terms with an individual’s untimely death. It is not only devastating but also shocking to believe that the person has suddenly gone into a deep slumber, never to wake up again.

The recent death of Rubina Shergill, who essayed the role of Simran in Zee TV’s Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuyein, has left the entire television industry in a state of shock and dismay.

Rubina was not only a talented actor, but she also enjoyed life to the fullest despite being asthmatic. However, this very illness proved to be fatal and changed the course of her life forever.

On 23rd December 2011, when she was celebrating the success party of her show in Mumbai, she was struck by a severe asthma attack, which left her breathless. To everyone’s dismay, she had forgotten her pump in the car. By the time her brother, who was also present in the party, rushed back with the pump, she had started to sink.

Rubina was rushed to Kokilaben Hospital in Andheri (West), but unfortunately, on her way she suffered two major cardiac arrests one after the other which made things worse. Nevertheless, Fate’s act of cruelty did not stop here. On reaching the hospital, she got the final blow of a brain hemorrhage.

While the doctors gave up on every hope of Rubina’s survival, her parents did not want to leave any stone unturned to keep their beloved daughter alive. It is hard for a parent to come to terms with the fact that their own child is battling for life, hence they clung on to hope and kept her under artificial ventilation. 

But all their prayers and efforts went in vain. Rubina’s life came to a complete halt as she breathed her last on 12th January 2012. I am sure all her loved ones wish that she had not forgotten to carry her pump that night. Sometimes the smallest of things can have the gravest of impact, which can change our very existence.

As the entire television industry mourns over the tragic and untimely death of Rubina, we at Rangmunch wish and pray that her soul rest in peace and may her parents find the strength to cope with this loss.

Swati Ghosh


  1. Very sad indeed. May her soul rest in peace and may god give strength to her family and friends.

  2. Extremely Sad. She was so young and talented actress..... When you take child in shopping mall and when they disappear for few seconds, its parent's worst nightmare. I felt the same when I read about her, not having the pump close by took her life away.

    God give her parents and friends strength to deal with this tragedy.

  3. honestly, i never knew this actress until her death news was published.. i was looking all the other interesting stuffs when i suddenly saw her news and i just couldn't stop myself from giving a look at it ....actually i got shocked by reading the happens... rest in peace rubina.....


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