Quick 5 with Saakshi Tanwar!

Sakshi Tanwar, landed in the television industry to become one of the most successful actresses in the history of Indian soap operas. Although she acted prominently in a number of other TV series – including EhsaasDastoorBhanwar, Crime Patrol and X-Zone – it was her role of ‘Paarvati bhabhi’ that brought her at par with any Bollywood star. Interestingly, she also featured in some movies but failed to deliver. Saakshi, at present, is getting rave reviews for her performances in Bade Achche Lagte Hain on Sony Television. 

Coming from a conservative family and being bright in studies, she wanted to become an IAS officer but destiny had something different in store.  

Meet Saakshi, who ruled the world for the longest time as ‘Paarvati’ in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki.

How do you rate your success till date?

Sakshi: Frankly speaking, I can’t rate it but I must say that I am fortunate enough to have done roles and characters of my choice and likings. I never ever thought of such success before but it eventually happened. I’ve carved a niche of my choice. It’s a bonus that I’ve been a part of the industry for such a long time. The kind of success I accomplished through Kahani … for eight-long years is more than sufficient for me.

What was the major turning point in your acting career?

Sakshi: It happened twice. First, when I got a big break for essaying the central character in Rajdhani, which in fact changed my life for better. Second, when I was approached for the role of Paarvati in Kahani, which I received by sheer coincidence. I was shooting for a pilot of a serial under the Balaji Production when all of a sudden Ekta Kapoor walked on the sets and offered me the role of Paarvati. I was initially apprehensive to do the same but on hearing the script I agreed to enact the role. I didn’t know it would create such a history. I was rewarded with a number of honours including the ‘Best Actress Award’ for the given role.

Which character till date is your favourite one?

Sakshi: It’s really difficult to figure out but I must say about the one I played in Bhanwar. Playing the character of a social worker in itself was much more challenging than any other role, since over here I was fighting for a 16-year-old rape victim. It’s really close to my heart that enhanced my humanness.

You have already worked in movies like Coffee House and C Kompany which did not do well at the box office. So can we expect more out of you on the silver screen?

Sakshi: Very soon, indeed! I have done a major role in Chandra Prakash Dwivedi’s next, Mohalla Assi opposite Sunny Deol. Hope it will not be like the last two. It has a wonderful script, brilliant crew and star-cast, and I am confident that it’ll definitely leave its imprint.

Your new TV soap, Bade Achche Lagte Hain is making waves these days. Tell us something special about it.

Sakshi: So far the response has really been overwhelming. Both Ram Kapoor and I are being appreciated for our romantic chemistry. Even Amitabh Bachchan tweeted, bestowing his admiration, which is a bonus. Besides, the character of Priya Sharma that I portray onscreen is pretty much like me. Like Priya, I too believe in independence.



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