Priyal Gor hits the headlines!

Priyal Gor, who is currently seen in Dekha Ek Khwaab, aired on Sony Entertainment Television, has made it to the headlines many a times for all the wrong reasons. 

Actress Priyal is known for her rude and adamant behavior. Also, the actress was once chucked out of ZEE TV’s show for her ill behavior.

Shrishti Arya, the Producer of Dekha Ek Khwaab, who has been dealing with her said that, Priyal is a kind of person who is still like a kid at heart. She further said that Priyal needs to behave like mature people, and needs to put her foot down with diplomacy and not her attitude. Shrishti also said that Priyal is an outspoken person. She  speaks bluntly without even thinking that it might harm her own image. She also mentioned that the actress at times gets tacky to handle but her work speaks for herself.  

We only hope Priyal gets a lesson from this and starts behaving like a mature actress. Its indeed time to ACT!

Edited by:
Swati Ghosh


  1. waqh n zindagi sab sekhaate h dost...dont worry aap jaise ho waise hi rahoo....such sun ne ki,kahane ki himmath sab me nahi hothi O AAP ME H...DONT CHANGE 4R OTHERS....LOVE U KID....

  2. why do people always have to report the negative about her - she is a marvelous actress and we should give her credit for it.
    Since Dekha ek khwaab is making such a hit - there has not been one positive article about priyal as the main lead


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