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Sasural Genda Phool  at 7.30pm on Star Plus

The turmoil in Ishaan and Suhana’s married life increases because of Sona. Suhana takes Ishaan’s badi Maa, Shailaja to Mumbai to show her that he is cheating on her. They find Sona in their house and all hell breaks loose. However Ishaan explains the entire situation to them but Suhana is still not very convinced.

Meanwhile Mr. Vajpayee hears Deepak and Sanjana’s conversation about the problems in Suhana and Ishaan’s life and gets very upset. Ishaan is surprised to see Mr. Vajpayee’s call on his phone.  

Will Suhana forgive Ishaan after hearing the truth? Will Mr. Vajpayee undertand Ishaan’s plight?

Parichay at 9.30pm on Colors

Seema thinks that Siddhi is pregnant and announces the news to the entire family. Siddhi tries to explain that she is not pregnant, but nobody listens to her.

In the upcoming episode, Kunal gets angry at Siddhi for putting him in an embarassing situation? Siddhi tells him that she tried to explain everything to his family, but nobody paid heed to her. She also wanted to call and warn him about all this, but since he has told her not to call so she refrained herself from doing so.

Will Kunal and Siddhi reveal the truth about their relationship to their loved ones?

Dharampatni at 9.30pm on Imagine TV

Kastur and Mohan are coming closer. Mohan has started to like Kastur now. Seeing all this, Sia gets really jealous. She tried to create problems between Kastur and Mohan, but all her efforts turned futile. Feeling frustrated, she calls her mother and tells her that she will do something really drastic now. Sia goes to the kitchen and loosens the cylinder regulator, causing a gas leak.

Kastur goes to the kitchen and turns on the stove. A giant ball of flames hit her and she tries to get away from them. She screams for Mohan, who is sleeping in the room.

Will Kastur burn to death? Will Sia’s sinister plan be successful this time?

Uttran at 10:00pm on Colors

Veer has found out the real identity of the imposter. He knows that he is not Vansh, but Tiger and also has a fiancée named, Ruby. He meets Ruby and tries to convince her that Tiger is trying to cheat on her. She refuses to believe him

To convince Ruby, Veer reveals that Tiger is imposing as Vansh and is living in his house. He also tells her that he is trying to marry his wife, Ichcha. Ruby is shocked at this revelation.

What will she do next? Will Ruby expose Tiger before the Bundela Parivar? Will Veer find out that the master mind behind this whole conspiracy is none other than his own mother?

Saas Bina Sasural at 10:00pm on Sony Entertainment Television

More drama to be seen in Saas Bina Sasural. Chedi will organize hawan for his late friend, father of Kia. Everyone in the family will be seen gathering together for it. But to everyone’s surprise Chedi will ask pandit to come out for an appropriate date for the marriage of Ved and Kia! On hearing this Kia obviously will be very happy but Ved will blatantly refuse Chedi on his face!! He says that he loves only Nitika and can marry her and not Kia at any cost.

Will Ved marry Nitika? What will be Kia’s next plan? 

Edited by:
Swati Ghosh


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