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Dekha Ek Khwaab at 8:45pm on Sony Entertainment Television

Love is in the air for Monia and Aakash! Monia will be seen gleaming with happiness. She will be making plans for a surprise Birthday Party for Aakash. 

Monia will be collecting money for the arrangements as she wishes to give all happiness to her love. She will decide to collect at least thousand rupees from her friends at the chawl so that she can buy a cake for the party. Monia will be trying to hide all her plans especially from Aakash. But ‘J’ obviously as always will keep a close watch on her moves.

Will Monia’s sweet little secret get exposed? Will she be able to collect money for Aakash’s cake?

Pavitra Rishta at 9:00pm on Zee TV

Tejaswini sees Manav at the airport. She is surprised to find out that Manav is also going to India and boarding the same flight as her. She tries to hide from Manav, so he doesn’t realize her presence there. 

Meanwhile, Savita is worried about Manav going to India and her health deteriorates. Manav’s son calls him and asks him to come back urgently. Manav immediately leaves the airport. Tejaswini sees him leave and is confused about the reason of his departure.

Will Manav be able to finally come back to India and meet Archana?

Navya at 10:00pm on Star Plus

Anant’s brother Guddu misbehaves with Navya at his house. Navya slaps him and starts crying. Upon hearing this, Anant too gets angry at Guddu and confronts him. His family tries to put the blame on Navya, which infuriates Anant.

Navya’s father is extremely angry and tells her mother and grandmother that he will have to talk to Anant’s father. He thinks that if Navya is not safe at Anant’s house in the presence of her family, then how can she be safe after marriage? He is really worried about Navya’s future.

What will happen to Anant and Navya’s relationship now? Will they be able to get married? Will Anant’s family believe Navya?

Bade Achche Lagte Hain at 10:30pm on Sony Entertainment Television

Natasha is depressed about her terminated pregnancy. Karthik is also trying to cope with the loss.

Priya is angry at Ram for taking pills, despite his promise. Vikram tells Ram that he must apologize to Priya. Ram goes to Priya who is sitting alone in a corner, but finds it hard to apologise to her. He is trying to come up with an apology, but he is having a hard time. Priya detects Ram’s confusion and is slightly amused by it.

Will Ram finally apologize to Priya? Will Priya forgive him? Will their new found closeness continue?

Edited by:
Swati Ghosh


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