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Havan at 7:00pm on Colors

Tirath comes to meet Baapji. He asks Baapji to give him his blessings to marry Kuhu. The entire family is extremely shocked to hear this and starts shouting at them for being so shameless. On seeing seeing everyone’s reaction, Kuhu tells the family that if they don’t agree for her marriage then she will kill herself. Baapji asks Kuhu, if she really wants to marry Tirath even after knowing his reality. What will be Kuhu’s final decision? How will Baapji react and deal with this situation?

Sasural Simar Ka at 7:30pm on Colors

The entire family is still blaming Rolly for the Pooja incident. Mataji’s sister tells her that Uma and Pari are her weapons against Rolly and Simar. She should rather use them against Rolly and Simar, instead of throwing them out of the house. She warns that doing this will reduce her power in the house. Mataji hears all this with a lot of attention. What will be Mataji’s next step? Will she really throw Uma and Pari out of the house? Will Rolly be able to prove her innocence in the house and win the hearts of the family? What will Simar do to save her sister and her own marriage?

Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon at 8:00pm on Star Plus

Arnav is confused about everybody’s strange behavior in the house. Khushi tells him that everybody is quite because he likes it that way in the house. Arnav thinks that Anjali is angry with him and hence she is not eating anything. He goes to her room to apologize and convinces her to eat food.

What Arnav doesn’t know is that Anjali has already eaten and her stomach is full. Khushi and Arnav’s family are watching everything and are feeling nervous because of what is happening. Will Anjali eventually give up and tell Arnav the truth?

Uttaran at 10:00pm on Colors

There has been a new entry in the popular show 'Uttaran’ aired on Colors. The character is being played by Priya Marathe, whose track on Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta has ended recently and is going to be a very interesting entry to the story line. 

The imposter, who is pretending to be Vansh, goes to a bar, where he sees a dancer performing. He knows this girl and even she acknowledges his presence. Who is this girl and how does she know this imposter? Will Ichchha and Veer be able to save their relationship?

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