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‘Sasural Genda Phool’ is up for some twists! The chirpy Suhana is a bit low these days after she caught her much loved hubby Ishan lying to her, that too on various occasions. Ishaan too is now furious after learning that his wifey had been spying on him. This has made relations sour between them. However, Suhana decides against discussing the problem with ‘Badi maa’.
Ishaan’s troubles have also increased as Abhishek comes to know about his involvement in Sona’s divorce.  
While in Delhi, in their big and happy combined family, Inder too has made his wife Rajni angry. Actually, Rajni could not stand his husband dreaming of any other girl, even if she is ‘Anarkali’. Finally, Ishika will be going to the party after Alok convinces her mother Rano for the permission.   


The noose of Sia’s conspiracy is tightening around Kastur and her family. Determined to save her family and marriage, Kastur prays to God for help. Kastur tells Mohan about the oyster sauce. Mohan decides to talk to Sia about it. Sia overhears their conversation and goes to Mohan’s mother to provoke her against Kastur. She pretends that she is leaving the home because of Kastur’s bad behavior. Mohan’s mother promises to support her and scolds Kastur.  Then, Sia goes to Kastur’s room and instigates her about being a bad wife. She tells him that she will marry Mohan very soon. Kastur challenges Sia that she will never be successful in her ambition.  
Will Sia be successful in her mission to break Kastur and Mohan’s relationship? When will Mohan’s mother see the real face of Sia?  

Sati to Hear Shiv’s Veena on Mahadev

Narad Muni’s mischief to bring Sati and Mahadev Shiv closer seems to be working! Shiv who has made himself aloof and devoid of romance will soon be seen playing ‘veena’ in the ‘Life Ok’s’ show ‘Mahadev’ tonight.  
As per his plan, Narad makes everyone bear his cacophonic singing including Sati. This makes ‘Rag Ragini’ request Shiv to sing. Watch today’s episode to know what happens when Sati hears Shiv’s song in first ‘sur’. Mahadev is the story of Shiva, one of the Hindu gods. As per Hindu mythology, Shiv is a monk who resides on mount Kailash with wife lady Parvati. 

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  1. Loving Harshad as Mohan in Dharampatni ... He's playing his role to the T!

    Would be very grateful if we could please please have one video interview of his? Please? :-)

  2. why u update this zero trp dharmpatni crap show?


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