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Diya Aur Baati Hum at 9pm only on Star Plus

Bhabho wants Sandhya to leave her home immediately after finding out that she lied about her educational status. Sandhya tries to prove her  innocence but Bhabho refuses to change her stand. The arrival of press at their home to take Sandhya’s interview brings a new challenge for her. Suraj, at the moment, is torn between his mother and his wife. As much as he loves Sandhya, he is equally hurt with the revelation, and hence is unable to convince Bhabho due to his immense respect for her. What will Suraj do? Will Sandhya eventually have to leave Suraj and his family? 

Dharampatni at 9:30pm on Imagine TV

Sia is trying really hard to win everybody’s confidence in the family. She makes breakfast with non-vegetarian ingredients, but lies to Mohan’s family to escape his grandfather’s wrath. Mohan’s mother is supporting Sia in her mission, as she wants her to take Kastur’s place in Mohan’s life. Mohan, on the other hand, has no idea about Sia’s intetions and thinks of her as just a good friend. Will Kastur be able to expose Sia’s true colours in front of the family? Will Sia’s lies get caught? How will the family react to this?

Saas Bina Sasuraal at 10:00pm on Sony Entertainment Television

Ved and Nitika’s love story has taken an interesting turn after the entry of Kiya. Chedi inform the family that he has promised his friend Kishore that he will get Ved and Kiya married. The family tries to convince Chedi but he is adamant. However Toasty and the rest of the family feels very happy when  Kiya turns down the proposal of marrying Ved herself. But just when the family decides to rejoice, Kia suddenly agrees to marry Ved! Will Ved accept Chedi’s decision? Will Toasty find out the reason behind Kiya’s acceptance to the proposal?

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Swati Ghosh


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