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Devon ke Dev – Mahadev  at 8:00pm

Madanike and Sati get stranded in the jungle due to the storm. They get separated from each other and are really worried for each other’s safety. Seeing them in trouble all the devotees start praying to Shiva. This awakens Lord Shiva, who takes his Rudra roop and comes between the storm and Sati.
Sati is extremely happy and mesmerized to see that Mahadev himself has come to protect her. She holds his hand and looks at him lovingly.

Could this be the start of the first ever love story of our universe? How will Mahadev react now?

Tum Dena Saath Mera at 8:20pm

Abhilasha is leaving to go back to her in-laws’ home, but Manan stops her at the last minute. He tells her that he has got a promotion with an increase in salary and now they can buy their own house. Abhilasha gets really happy and decides to stay with Manan.

However the couple will soon realise that after taking care of their individual expenses and that of their family back home, they will not be able to save money for their new house.

How will Abhilasha and Manan’s married life go from here?

Dil Se Di Dua – Saubhagyavati Bhava at 10:00pm

Dadi finds another way to stay at Jahnvi and Viraj’s home. She gives a Krishna idol to Jahnvi and tells her that it will protect her from all kinds of trouble. Viraj is seeing all this through a secret camera that he has installed in Dadi’s room. Viraj does not like what he sees and is clearly thinking of another sinister plan.

In the upcoming episode, Dadi will be seen walking towards the secret room that Viraj always keeps under lock and key. She is wondering what could be behind the closed door and wants to somehow open it. Suddenly, Dadi gets startled by something coming from behind.

Who or what takes her by surprise? Is Dadi’s life at risk?

Edited by:
Swati Ghosh


  1. Love d chemistry between mahadev n sati DKDM at present rocks


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