Kabhi Haan…Kabhi Naa with Noel Smith!

Rangmunch: Do you travel a lot as a part of your work? 

Noel: No

Rangmunch: Do you befriend people for the sake of work? 

Noel: No

Rangmunch: Do you alienate your own family if it comes in the way of your work? 

Noel: No

Rangmunch: Do you meet different people in order to observe mannerisms and behaviour?

Noel: That is not the purpose but it is natural to note mannerisms and behaviour.

Rangmunch: Do you day dream and visualise how you would want your work to turn out? 

Noel: Yes

Rangmunch: Would an indication positive or negative from a daily horoscope influence your day? 

Noel: Yes

Rangmunch: Do you allow your actors to leave their phones on loud while they are shooting? 

Noel: No

Rangmunch: Are you superstitious? 

Noel: No

Rangmunch: Are you a pet lover? 

Noel: Yes

Rangmunch: Are you fussy about food you have on the sets? 

Noel: A little, sometimes

Interviewed by:
Niharika Vidya Sagar


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