Is too much comedy making Is Pyaar lose it essence?

A show that started with many promises and an interesting line up of intense promos on two hearts that could never meet, today seems to have turned into a series of comical strips put together day after day! Reason? No one knows!

But Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon on Star Plus, was all about Arnav, Khushi and how they both hated to love and loved to hate one another. The story also was heading towards an interesting twist with  both Arnav and Khushi breaking their engagements off under different circumstances. But now suddenly, the story seems to have stayed where it was two months ago when the whole dramatic series of incidents occurred with no subsequent follow up.

Forget sharing romantic moments together, the story has not even come to a point where neither Arnav or Khushi have realized they feel for one another. Occasional bouts of gentle breeze moving strands of Khushi's hair does remind us of an impending love story, but every other sequence only digresses from the main point of the story.

The exit of Lavanya was compensated by the entry of Nanda Kishore, another comedy element in the story. The prospective moments always end up on a comical note between the leads and the character of Shyam seems to turn nastier by the day! However the lack of connection between the main leads with the other characters in the story at the moment seems to be the shows biggest draw back!

Here is a show with a loyal fan-base, and never dying positive expectations! Fans still look forward to the time when things will pick up, since they know it will. After all they are totally attached to Arnav and Khushi and would eventually like to see them fall in love someday!

The steady TRP's also seem to indicate the comedy track seems to be working. Here comes the dilemma once more of the divide between the online audience and the ones giving TRP's. While the Fanpage of Is Pyar (!/ipkkndfp)boasts of around 10,000 fans who are always active and discussing the show making requests and suggestions, there seems to be a whole lot of others with no access to computers whatsoever that seem to be deciding the fate of the show. So who do the makers create a story for?

Ups and Downs are a part and parcel of daily soaps that run over years sometimes, and keeping up the same momentum is never easy! However, the popularity of a show depends on how the audience reacts to various tracks, and when something begins to hurt you time and again, you eventually tend to withdraw sooner or later! Like we said, hope the show only has good times ahead, and the makers air a promising promo atleast laying the growing disappointment to rest!

Niharika Vidya Sagar


  1. Excellent..taken words out of my mouth. I loved this show for that intense love/hate relationship between Arnav and Khushi. we are back again on square one. But still have hopes as a loyal fan that we will be back on right track

  2. the writers of the drama has ruined the story. There is too much comedy on the show it has to stop.

  3. Wow I totally agree with you!You said the exact thing that was in my mind for the past few days. When the creators decided to bring NK in the show I thought he and Khushi will get close which will eventually make ASR feel a possesive and jealous and that will move the story on but lately I've started to think that the jealousy track is totally forgotten and show is turning into a comedy circus which is totally opposite of what the story was originally based on!
    I hope the CVs understand this soon and start moving the story forward!

  4. Thank you so very much Niharika!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We so needed this article to portray our feelings and you have just done that. Our hopes are being mercilessly battered every single night from Monday to Friday..

    I dont know how they justify what they are doing to such a promising concept.. Its heartbreaking, infuriating and hopeless!!!

  5. Have you guys just visited the forum and made this article from whatever you read ?

    Excellent tabloid and this is called yellow journalism.keep it up!

    Why not take interview of CVs and their development on up coming track and do more survey on trp's etc to educate the viewers on how and what is show business all about ????

  6. @Anoymous: please do read the interview we did with Ved Raj, that we posted a couple of days ago on the show and the tracks!!

    As for TRPS, we always make it a point to publish them every week as and when they are released!!

    Talking of fan reactions, one does have to be aware of their immediate surroundings before writng whatever they do! :)

  7. CVs, please take note. We are ardent die-hard fans of the show. I watch some of the boring episodes on TV here in the US just to contribute to the TRPs. I absolutely love the show only coz of the awesome chemistry between the lead pair. When you take the focus away from them and introduce unnecessary elements and comedy (which is frankly not required), you are taking away the essence of this show that made it a success. It's an oft-repeated plea to the CVs but here it goes again: bring that chemistry, that joie de vivre back. For the sake of the talented actors and even more so for some of us loyal viewers who cannot spend a day without watching the show.

  8. this is what happens when you show no originality but just blindly copy the GHSP module ( as confirmed by Gul Khan , the producer) on star plus!!! now that the original show-GHSP is over, where will the IPK writers get inspiration from???? look at the similarities!!
    GHSP vs IPK
    babaji- hai devi maiya
    hoshairpur express- Chamkili
    gol gappas- jalebi
    MSK- ASR
    sasha- lavanya
    the dressing styles..jhola, jootis, jhumkas et all and for the male leads, the business suits
    Chup bilkul chup
    rain sequence
    dargah sequence
    red saree sequence
    dhabha and geet rubbing off Maans lassi moustache
    diwali-all the diyas being lit... the list goes on..
    am sure, PH will now try and replicate the comic scenes from GHSP outhouse, fighting for the same bed, nok jhoks etc into IPK but hey, they need actors like GC and DD and directors like Noel to get the same feel..therefore, despite high trps, IPK remains nothing but a copy cat show!!! which is sad coz they have a talented lead like sanaya who is being wasted..but then thats the trouble with 4 lions-they start with a bang but thereafter....

  9. ha ha ha...loved your comment , anonymous! well said...IPK indeed is a copy cat show-its inherent weaknesses will soon see it lose steam...!! :D

  10. someone mentioned good chemistry between the leads Not in IPPKND which is low on chemistry between the leads. sizzling chemistry was between manav and archana and geet and maan and rajat and mughda

  11. Thank you so much Niharika...Liked your interview...But, this article just loved it..thaks again

  12. Never expect a cinevistaas show to go as per track, take dill mill gayye for example, they start off with a bang and then degrade the story so badly that the show has to go off air !!!!

  13. Wish Cvs would read this and improve the balance the comedy with other emotions!!

  14. yes...It is really pathetic these days.

  15. Execllent article..Thank you Niharika. u have clearly put what's in everyones mind..I hope CV's read this and make some major changes, the way this shows is going now...its killing all the expectations.. Please CVs bring the Arshi Chemistry BACK!!!!
    not some 10 sec Rabba ve...which some time has no connection to the scene!!

  16. Thank you Niharika. You have written what we want to say desperately. As a real fan of this serial, I feel hurt to see it go to drains and the talent of such good actors wasted. Hope CV's will listen to all our fans request and bring Arshi chemistry back.We miss the old Arshi scenes.

  17. Well said Niharika. They really need to fix this soon before it gets to the point of no return!

  18. Hoping and really hoping that track kicks back to its original intensity as before. Hope we get to something on the lines of promos that they have aired in the starting episodes. Seriously, the show has to chnage from too much comedy before it loses its much loyal viewers.

  19. no i can't accept yhis articlw why no comedy in primetime slot always saas-bahu drama crying all the time ...its not possible people are started to think in apracticla its very nice to watch with family mems thoroughly enjoying each and every part of the show...........

  20. i agree 100%. the author has done a good job expressing what we fans feel. and to those geet fans, please refrain from bashing ipkknd and its lead. maybe ipkknd has drawn inspiration from geet but it is not at all like geet. its commom that hindi serials draw inspiration from others, so please if maneet are ur favourite then arshi are ours, so y dont u ppl stop bashing them

  21. I am enjoying the Comedy but story needs to move on with Arnie and KKG. After the stressful day I hate to watch all rona dhona rather watch light comedy. That makes me smile.

    Story is like stagnant sometimes.


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