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Mysterious crime drama series- Dexter season 4 to hit your television screens from 08-01-2012 on Star World


Dexter serial lovers, there is a good news for you all. The season 4 of this TV drama series will be starting from tomorrow i.e. 08-01-2012 on Star World.

With the concluding series of Dexter season 3 you saw how Dexter had to deal with Ramon. And, with its 4th season you will see Dexter’s desire to have a complete family and become a responsible man. Rita will be blessed with a baby boy and they will name him Harrison. Their entire family will move to suburbs where the lead role Dexter will be seen struggling to settle in his new life with his strange killing urges.

Agent Frank will be seen retuning in hunt of John Lithgow who he believes is a trinity killer. Agent Frank has a notion that John murders three people in a particular way. His belief is that John kills a young woman in a bathtub, an older mother and a father.

Dexter who suffers from insomnia will be seen searching in jeopardy. And, Lundy will be back in town to spot John Lithgow. For more interesting  synopsis of episodes, tune into Rangmunch.Tv  

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