International Segment: Recommends Humsafar! Episode # 17 Review – Parents are God’s messengers of unconditional love!

This episode saddens my heart beyond measure. Two loving souls living under one roof with a common purpose but with hatred in their eyes for each other is a fact am unable to come to terms with. Is destiny so cruel? Is it true that many a times circumstances are stronger than we are? Who is to blame for the unbridgeable distance between Khirad and Ashar? Ashar’s mother for orchestrating the rift? But wasn’t the rift a result of Ashar’s misplaced suspicion of Khirad? Or would you blame Khizer for being an opportunist and wrecking a marriage?

While all these questions plague my heart, I cannot ignore the fact that there IS hope for the very reason my heart started bleeding in the first place – Ashar and Khirad are two loving souls who value family and relationships above all else, as you see them make sacrifices to give the best of care and love to their daughter. Hope springs eternal when you see them put aside their differences for the sake of their daughter’s well being. When it comes to Hareem, these two warring souls are very much in sync.

‘Ek Waqti Samjhauta’

This is exactly what we are getting to see since the time Khirad walks back into Ashar’s life. At every turn, you see them taking in every moment spent in each other’s company with a pinch of salt suppressing a lot of bitterness but with a maturity expected out of parents.

Request from a fan

This if for Marium Baig who was kind enough to send me the humsafar pictures and also wanted to know my view on the scene where Ashar and Khirad doze off with their hands on Hareem.

Hate is the other side of love. It is a known fact that there is only a thin line separating both. Their hatred for each other is just an offshoot of the love they once so deeply felt for each other because of circumstances beyond their control and comprehension. As one can clearly see, if it were not for the shadows of the past clouding their judgement regarding each other, they would make a perfect family full of love and understanding. For me, the scene was a subconscious craving for them to lead a life as a family and also a reflection of what they were actually doing in reality albeit under a veil of hatred – both of them protecting and looking out for their daughter even in their sleeps and most importantly doing it together.

But hatred is as strong an emotion as love and when Ashar wakes up to find his hand under Khirad’s hand, his loathing for her surfaces.

Rangmunch had requested Humsafar fans to write to us about their favorite scene from Episode #17. Rangmunch thanks all the fans who have been kind enough to take time out to write and send their favorite scenes to us. Loved all of them! :-)

We short-listed six of them but due to space constraints, have included only two as part of this review. You will find the rest of the four write-ups here We hope you will continue to send us your favorite scenes from the upcoming episodes too.

Mashal Masud -

My favourite scene from the last episode was when Hareem calls her father at work asking him to take her to the zoo despite her mother, Khirad, telling her not to. When Ashar gets home, Hareem tells him how mama is angry with her. Ashar wants Hareem to make up with the mother and asks her to say a white lie to which Hareem refuses. When Ashar asks her who taught her to be so great; she replies mama. He then asks her to apologize to the mother and to always listen to her elders, and Khirad accepts the apology.

I found this scene to be very touching for two reasons. Firstly, it shows the beginning of a realization for Ashar that despite what he thinks of Khirad and his hatred for her, there is no denying she has been a good mother to their daughter. Secondly, it shows sacrifice, kindness and maturity in both Khirad and Ashar's roles as parents. Despite their hatred for one another, they ensure Hareem only feels love. Ashar humiliates his wife, Khirad, out of anger for his wife, but gives the utmost respect to the mother of his daughter, Khirad, out of love for his daughter. 

Prasanna Nair -

He strides up to her...eyes blazing, nostrils flared -"It's all your fault." She responds with a calm - "Your need to lie to your mom is not my concern. My concern is my daughter and her well being."

To me, this scene captured the essence of this series and its main characters in more ways than one. 

Ashar for all his sophistication and exposure reveals himself to be the immature one, blinded by his ego and refusing to take responsibility for his actions. Khirad on the other hand does what comes to her instinctively - put another person's well being and cause ahead of her own. The woman in her has long surrendered to her responsibilities as a mother. 

Kudos to director Sarmad Khosat for handling the scene so sensitively. Underlines the reason I find myself drawn to the narrative...enough to look it up every Sunday night on YouTube.

Rangmunch Performance of the Episode

Navin Waqar as Sara is once again the show stealer in this episode. Her expressions just reach out to us and make us feel what she feels. In the scene where she reluctantly picks up Khizer’s call and then the way she reacts to seeing Ashar seated with Khirad and his daughter are the highlights of the episode in terms of performance. 

Ashar's outburst to Sara's reaction was worth watching and his control over his anger in front of his daughter shows his sensitivity as a parent. 

Precap for Episode #18

All hell is about to break loose in the next episode with Ashar’s mother getting to know about Khirad’s return into her son’s life. This is one of the most explosive precaps of the show wherein Khirad is to confront her mother-in-law for the first time in 5 years. It will be interesting to see how Farida is going to manipulate this unforeseen development to her advantage as you can see her sweet talking Hareem in front of her son. 

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Neeraja Unni


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  2. Loved the review! I always wait for rangmunch reviews for Humsafar! That hand scene is my favorite too! And the zoo scene was super cute! And the precap! MY GOD! I had goosebumps when Farida enters Khirad's room and Khirad gets up and has pure hatred in her eyes! Hats off to all the actors!

  3. the best scene was ashar n khirad standing agnst wall when he although showing hell of anger, comes to khirad just to ask an answer indirectly. N she quietly refuses to give a single explanation, my heart was pounding wen sara came to talk to ashar in restuarant.
    And am desperately waiting for another episode.

  4. I think when he corners her against the wall, he is at his most vulnerable. He uses his mother as an excuse, but rather wants the answer to his own emotional turmoil as to why she left him.


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