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A wise man once said ‘Love and Hate are two sides of the same coin’. I say there is a thin line between both. In Humsafar, after witnessing a marriage based on compromise turn into an intense love affair between Ashar and Khirad, we now get to see that love turn into a hatred so deep rooted that it might take more than an adorable Hareem (Khirad’s daughter) to bring them together.

That one fateful day when Khirad was unjustly maligned by a conspiracy designed by her mother-in-law, she lost more than her love, Ashar. Birth of her daughter, Hareem, infuses a newfound energy into her life, just as only a child can do, to give her some solace. 

But fate intervenes once again to stir up another storm in the form of her daughter suffering from a heart condition, which requires an open-heart surgery she can ill-afford. Her friend Afsheen coaxes her to put her ego aside for the sake of her daughter’s life and convinces her to meet her estranged husband Ashar and ask him for financial help with her daughter.

Becoming a mother gives a woman immeasurable inner strength. Once a child enters your life, none of your earlier priorities makes sense anymore. The child becomes THE priority. It’s no different with Khirad. She puts aside her sense of pride, and her most valuable possession – her self-respect - to meet the man she holds responsible for her plight.

The episode fittingly opens with Khirad holding a file to enter Ashar’s office. The walk from the rick to Ashar’s cabin inside his office must have been one of the most grueling experiences for Khirad. For a woman who values her self-respect above all, to shed it, and walk the distance that leads to the door of that one person whom she considers her bane must have been stifling.

Rangmunch Memorable Moments

RMM #1 This is arguably one of the best intense moments of Humsafar. From the moment, Ashar says ‘come in’ and looks up to find Khirad open his cabin door, I stopped breathing. I was scared if I did, I would miss a single expression, or a dialogue, or any of the subtle mannerisms of Ashar.

I have watched and re-watched this scene umpteen number of times, and I still fall short of words to explain it, for fear that, I may not be doing justice to it.

Ashar and Khirad, to me, were fire and Ice. Khirad had clearly pushed the hatred deep inside but you can see from her expression it was fighting to come out. But Khirad being Khirad, reigned it in, and put on a mask of clinical nonchalance while coolly bombarding Ashar with facts he dare not refute.

Ashar, on the other hand, was a boiling furnace, ready to erupt with venom that he had purposely kept simmering all these years Khirad has been away. His hatred for Khirad never dimmed, his wound still raw at Khirad’s betrayal, for he had kept it within himself without sharing it with anyone. And he did not have Hareem to soften his bruised heart as Khirad did, which brings us to the next Rangmunch moment of the episode.

RMM #2 Ashar finally erupts spewing venom in the form of words intended to hurt Khirad, when he accidently meets her daughter, at the hospital where she is brought for a check-up with a doctor.

“Tumhari Neechpan ki koi hadd bhi hai? Itne saalon meri beti ko mujhse chupaye rakha. Apni Pregnancy, Mere aulaad ki padaish ko mujhse raaz rakha. Tumhare andar zameer naam ki cheez hai bhi ya nahin. Tum sirf meri hi nahi , Meri beti ki bhi Mujrim Ho! I Hate You!”

Khirad’s cold response and Mahira’s expression is worthy of applause.  

“Agar aap ki baat khatam hochuki ho toh mujhe andar jana hai. Doctor ke pass meri Beti ka number aachuka hai.”

Request from a fan:

(This is for Tehreem Matee Umair, who expressed her wish to know what I thought of this scene in particular) When Hareem runs into Ashar at the hospital, and innocently says, ‘Aap wohi picture wale papa ho na?’ Ashar takes a moment to realize the significance behind the words and begins to experience the feeling of having his daughter in his arms hugging him, those feelings that are yet alien to him. A slight smile just before Khirad pulls Hareem out of the hug signifies his acceptance of his daughter in his life.

Rangmunch Performances of the episode:

At the risk of sounding repetitive, hats off to Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, Sarmad Khoosat, and Farhat Ishtiaq for the office scene that was perfect in every sense of the word. The scene wouldn’t be this effective if it was not for the  cumulative effort of the team - from the crisp dialogues, to Mahira’s eyes that brought out her internal struggle to keep herself aloof and unaffected, to Fawad’s effective use of a cigar in his hand to portray his restlessness, his suppressed anger, his disbelief, and mostly his impatience to see the last of her and to Sarmad’s vision that made the scene more than a sum of all this.

Rangmunch Special Mention:

The scene that gripped me for the direction and editing, is the one in which Khirad is coming up the stairs and walking the corridor to reach Ashar’s office. Body language of Khirad walking with her back rim rod straight, her purposeful strides with her head held high dint fail to get my attention. I loved the way it was in slow motion, which increased our anxiousness as a viewer to anticipate what was to come later.

Precap for Episode # 16

Ashar succeeds in bringing Hareem and Khirad home. We will have to wait and watch what made Khirad agree to it. The precap shows Ashar’s pride in his daughter and Khirad’s nervousness at returning to a place which holds bitter memories for her. 

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Neeraja Unni


  1. it's always a sheer pleasure to read your reviews... your dictions always justify each & every part of the review...& Yes, I can't blame you for giving the cake to Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, Sarmaad & Farhat for performance....they are indeed the "POWER" of Humsafar :) ...thanks for sharing it :) ...keep it up ...

  2. love your vocabs and the way you write is flawless!

  3. Your review always expresses everything i feel, in better diction..LOL I love it..

  4. Beautiful story beautifully written!
    I would really appreciate if even next time you stretch the "feel good" factor of the story, because all humsafar audience love khirad's charcter, so apparently we want to see all the good things happening to her <3
    P.S I <3 fawad too!:)

  5. i just love your reviewss about Humsafar

  6. Rehana, Nicky, Sara Amna, Areeba, Maha, thank you for your kind words :)

    Happy Watching and Happy Reading!

    ~ Neeraja

  7. Luv ur review Neeraja.....u know after watching drama, i impatiently waits 4 ur review & realy missed ur blogs on Ep 9 to 14 those weeks...:((((
    when u couldn't write.... well luv Humsafr luv ur blog...!!!

  8. That is very sweet of you Zoya. Thank you :)

    I missed writing them too the whole time i was away but tried to make up for it with one comprehensive review of all the six episodes once i was back. Will try not to keep you waiting for long for the next update.

    ~ Neeraja Unni

  9. Thanx Neeru.... & keep writing....:) Best of Luck!

  10. nice written . thank u so much


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