International Segment: Fanspeak! Humsafar - Favourite scenes of fans from Episode #17

Fans of humsafar have been kind enough to send us their favourite scenes from Episode 17 and we had short listed six of the best write-ups to share it with you all. Top Two (from Mashal Masud and Prasanna Nair) were posted along with my review for the episode - 

We are now sharing the other four from fans across the world. We thank Kiran, Mariam, Sajida, and Shumaila for being such a sport and writing in to us. Here is what they had to say:-

Mariam Shafiq

In the 17th episode the scene which I really liked was when Hareem(their daughter) insisted on hearing a story with both her parents by her side. And when they all fall asleep and Ashar wakes up to find Khirad’s hand placed on his own hands and jerks his hand back quickly and has pure hatred on his face. This scene reminded me of the scene where they were both lying on the bed and Ashar tells Khirad that: “I love you Khirad, Kaash waqt yehi rukh jaye and mein tumhe hamesha aise hee dekhte raho.” This scene showed that their hate is as intense as their love used to be. 

    Another scene which I really liked was when Sara came and taunted Ashar, “4 saal baad biwi to mili hee aur pali palai beti bhi mil gaee” and how aggressive Ashar gets was a treat to watch!

Kiran Shah
    As per my opinion, the best scene was when ashar growled at khirad saying; "yeh sirf ek waqti samjhoota hai aur bas!” and in reply khirad too said, "yeh ek waqti samjhoota hai aur bas!!” - it was such a moving and touching scene for me.

I love this scene because of Khirads’ reply to Ashar, as, khirad is portrayed as someone for whom self respect and self esteem matters a lot and just because of her daughter she has to kill her self respect and ego in front of Ashar’s brutal behaviour. I am a girl too and I can relate to Khirad’s character. It is really hard to fight against destiny and when people like khirad have to surrender in front of destiny, a void sets in and its difficult to live with an empty heart. And wherever there is emptiness and vacuum, negative emotions fill up the spaces and one becomes bitter and harsh. 

    Khirads’ heart is also in the same dilemma, the way she fights with her nature is what makes her so respectful and dignified in my eyes. Whatever she is doing is the sign of maturity as she is doing things against her nature and it is so very difficult to live even for a second against your nature. 

    That scene also elaborated that khirad has no soft corner left for Ashar, it is just for her daughter that she has bowed down . Her love is transformed into hatred yet she is so submissive to accept the decisions of fate. Khirad’s reply to Ashar revealed her personality and it also told us how important children are for any parent; they kill their inner self just to see their children happy. 
   Shumaila Fahad 

    My favorite scene is when Fareeda calls Ashar and he lies to her about his routine. The way he changes his tone and voice when talking to his mum and then the way he confronts Khirad once again was remarkably picturized. I loved the way Khirad shows her stern expressions when she listens to what Ashar has to say. To some extent, Ashar felt helpless before Khirad in a way that he couldn't tell the truth to Fareeda. He is afraid he might lose Hareem. Khirad saying that its not her problem, reflects the torture and pain she has been through all these years. I simply love the way Ashar and Khirad look into each others eyes with so much of hatred, doubt and distress which is totally a complete contrast to what they had shown (love for each other) earlier. That was awesome. 

   Sajida Ali

    This scene between Ashar and Hareem is about the importance of being truthful. That day Hareem had made a phone call to his father to insist that he take her to the zoo though mamma had told her not to. After coming home, Ashar suggested Hareem to lie to mamma that papa had made the call,not Hareem. Hareem’s response was strange for me and for papa as well because he did not expect that sentence from a four year child. She said, ”It is not a good thing to lie because Allah does not like it” and Ashar was very impressed with his daughter’s manners. It reminded me of the earlier scene when Khirad apologized to Ashar for lying to him about misplacing the potted plant.

I admire the writer for teaching these apparently small things but basics of one’s personality and that is not to lie. Children learn basic things from home and their parents, just as Khirad tries to teach her daughter. This is where Humsafar has inspired me to the extent that now I think Drama is not only for entertainment, it can act as a preacher by embedding the true values deep inside one’s soul.

   Sincere thanks to all the others who have sent their favorite scenes. 
   Keep writing in to us @ with your favorite scenes from upcoming episodes too. 
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