International Segment: Charlie’s Angels ready to Kick Ass @ 9 pm, Saturdays only on Star World Torrentz

Charlie’s angels are back again in our living rooms for a span of 8 Saturdays starting tomorrow, 7th of January 2012 @ 9 pm sharp. Produced by Drew Barrymore, this is a brand new reboot version of the earlier hit American Crime Drama television series of the late ‘70s by the same name. 

The earlier show was the first to have three beautiful women adorn the roles traditionally meant for men and the angels did it to perfection.

You say, ‘Old wine in a new bottle’. Well, am all for tasting the old wine irrespective of the bottle. So here we are, presenting the hottest and the sexiest crime fighters on television – the Charlie’s Angels!

Kate Prince, a former Miami Cop played by Annie llonzeh

Eve French, a street racer played by Minka Kelly

Abby Samson, a thief played by Rachael Taylor

Kate, Eve, and Abby get a second wind with their lives as they are brought together to work for Townsend Detective Agency which has them chasing after drug dealers and criminals while getting to enjoy the sun kissed beaches of Miami, all under the watchful eyes of John Bosley, a hacker played by Ramon Rodriguez. Interesting twist here dearest ladies, is that Bosley is not a middle-aged father figure like in the earlier versions. I leave it at that.

Bosley is the link between Charlie and his angels for Charlie, as we already know, doesn’t like to show his face even to the angels let alone the viewers.

Yes, try not to be disappointed. We don’t get to ‘see’ Charlie even in this version. He still remains the mysterious intriguing billionaire we may never meet. Wonder how frustrating that must be for the angels!

So, we have Victor Garber as the voice of Charles “Charlie” Townsend.

Am pretty kicked about the show. You see, there is nothing sexier than watching three beautiful women kicking some well-deserved ass on-screen! Cheer! Cheer! I can almost see men lining up in front of their television screens to watch ‘Charlie’s Angels’ tomorrow night. Well…more the merrier!! Popcorn, anyone?!

Warning: Watch it with a fresh eye! And, ofcourse, with a bowl of popcorn!

Neeraja Unni


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