I, Me, Myself! – Yuvraj Thakur!

We always wondered why the character of Arjuninspite of being a parallel lead, is so popular especially among teenage girls? Well we got our answers when we met Yuvraj on the sets of Hum Se Hai Liife. In real life too, he is quite similar to Arjun (the character). He is sensitive, yet practical and grounded. His witty sense of humour makes every conversation and interview interesting. And above all, his sweet and humble nature makes him extremely adorable. 

Rangmunch.TV brings to you an exclusive interview of Yuvraj Thakur aka  Arjun of Channel V's Humse Hai Liife

Rangmunch: What do you need to change about yourself?

Yuvraj: I have changed a lot. “Woh gusse wala phase bhi kam ho gaya hai.” So I have overcome that. I don’t think I want to change anything in me, but would say that I want to grow more as a person and learn more. 

Rangmunch: What is your nickname?

Yuvraj: My friends call me Yuvi and my mamma, sisters and masi call me Munna. Its quite funny (laughs out embarrassingly). Many more names are there but they are very funny so I can’t tell you (laughs again).

Rangmunch: Are you possessive by nature?

Yuvraj: It depends actually. There are very few things in my life which I love the most, so I am quite possessive about them. I never like my mom touching my soccer stuff and football or even cleaning them. I always prefer to clean them myself. 

Rangmunch: What irritates you?

Yuvraj: Smoking!!! People who smoke. Sometimes they blow that smoke right on your face. They don’t even realise if the person standing right beside them even likes the idea of smoking. I also don’t like people who misbehave in front of a woman, who don’t know how to talk and use abusive language.There are many more but these are major things that I can’t really stand.

Rangmunch: One crush which you outgrew and felt silly about it later?

Yuvraj: My sister’s best friend. She is like my didi (laughs with embarrassment). I used to admire her a lot when I was in 7th or 8th standard.After sometime I shifted to Bombay, so I couldn’t see her nor  meet her. Then we met again when I was in 11th standard and I had a crush on her. I used to call her didi then too. I felt damn funny about it (laughing at his memory). Ultimately I even said to her “didi I used to feel for you in that lovey dovey sense.” We both laughed about it though and she still teases me.

Rangmunch : Has anyone played a prank on you?

Yuvraj: Ya, my friends do that all the time. I remember when I was in 10th standard, they called me for a party at a random place. On reaching the place I realised there was no one (laughs). And I also know why they did it. Whenever we used to play hide n seek, I used to tell all my friends to hide anywhere and I would find them all no matter what. As soon as they use to hide, I use to go home (laughing at the memory). “Raat ke barah baje unke mummy papa sab unhe dhoondh rahe thy. Toh unhone milke mujhse badla liya.” In the end I didn’t mind, coz everything was done in good spirits.

Rangmunch: Do you judge people?

Yuvraj: I used to before, but not now. I have grown as a person. I believe if you hate someone, you must really know that person well enough to do so.

Rangmunch: Do you complain?

No, I don’t really complain. I even tell my friends on sets or even my college friends that you should not complain about things. Either take a charge of it and take an action for that, orelse take the responsibility. It is pointless complaining about things. 

Rangmunch: As one grows in life the perceptions regarding love, relationship changes. As on today what kind of a girl would you as Yuvraj want?

Yuvraj: To be frank I have never thought about it. Well, I would want a girl who I love, I am comfortable with and be like the best buddy around. A true companion in every sense who would be there for me at all times.

Rangmunch: On a scale of 10 how happy are you right now?

Yuvraj: People normally write busy as their status message on their Blackberry. If you see my BB status, it says HAPPY. I am always happy no matter what. So right now I would rate it 9.

Rangmunch: One new year message for your fans.

Yuvraj: This is a very special year of my life as I got so many new friends. A very very Happy New Year to all my friends. Thank you for loving me and  appreciating my work. Keep watching Humse Hai Life. All those who are preparing for their Exams, study hard because I was very bad at it (laughs). But “Humse Hai Life ke pehle books side mein rakh dena aur Humse Hai Life ke baad phir padhai shuru kar dena” (laughs again). Have loads of fun, keep smiling, keep loving each other, and keep loving me. Even if you don’t love me, I will still love you back.

Hope you all enjoyed reading the interview as much as we did!! 

Interviewed by:
Swati Ghosh
Niharika Vidya Sagar

Edited by:
Navya Varma


  1. yuvraj you r really vry nyc..
    i really lyk u as well as ur acting...

  2. u are the best & u are best person & friend forever.

  3. Yuvi i really lyk ua personality....u r da bst fr eva for me...luv u alys ♥♥♥

  4. Hi Yuvi, Luv u soo sooo much... <3 <3 <3 <3

  5. aww yuvi love u lot all those answers were so true and honest ,after reading it my respect for u grown even more you are such a awesome human love yuvi be like this always .......
    thank u rangmunch team for this awesome interview plzz give us more on yuvi

  6. u r really very good arjun...(yuvi)i like ur behaviour ur caring a lot... i watch every day humse hai life im a big fan of u....n i dont like wen u r sad or frustrated....in humse hai life n in real tooo....miss u hope v could be frndz...n i like ur song....wch u sing everytime on ur guitar...

  7. yuvraj .............. ur 2 good n i love youe smile..... keep smiling

  8. yuvraj u r really so good.ur answers were very awesome.keep smiling and all the best for u upcoming future.and keep smiling.all the best every one of humse hai life.

  9. I just loved your replies...esp ur bb status and the message...you are a gem!!

  10. Hey that was awesome I felt I m saying all that thing that was enjoyable I would like to know more about yuvraj .............

  11. omg yuvi u r amzing iam your big fan specialy i love your character 'ARJUN' god u r marvelous luv luv luv you all the best...............keep smilling...........<3 <3


  13. Itz great to know you as a person......m so impressed with your words. ..

  14. Yuvi ur rllllyyyyyyyyy sssssssssooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooool n handsssome n i rllllyyyy like u... u r actually the lead of HHL cause there's no HHL wthout u.. Sssooooo keeeppppp rocking n keep lovng ur fans,,,....i hope u do sssoooooo........ LUVVVV UUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. u r damn hot dude..............ossum body u hve...........u wer fab in gumrah dr luvd dat episode watched it 15 tymz 4 u.......u r always on my mind.........my new hot favourite! <3

  16. yuvi,you look too sexy when shirtless.so just shirt up!!!

  17. u are too cute & lovely. I love you

  18. i just love d way u r.......... love u........... <3

  19. Yuvi u r very cute n handsome love u........if u ever c my msg plz reply waiting for ur reply

  20. i lv u yuvi ur my 1st crussh .........nd ur such a darlng fr me ........ Ur my dream boy nd do u i'll cut my hand bcozz of u..........coz i want to me u ....... Nd chapure a photo with u ....... I rely lv u ..........when evr my frnds told me dat ke tu uske liye kuch bhe kar sakte hai nd i told them dat yes i willlll ..........cozzzzz ur my jaan nd i lv u ......do u nw one time my frnds challng me to do anythng fr u sooooooo i wrote ur name on my arm yuvraj thakur ..............i jst cn live with out u .....dats y i cnt miss ur serial hum se hai life..........cozzzzz when evr i missssed it i felll vry upset nd just gng to harm myself soooooooooo its my dream to meet with u .......... Ur sooooooooo cute nd handsome ......nd i lv ur actng .....ur my choclate boy .........my shoooooona , my jaan , my baby , my darlng , my hero , my superman , my spiderman , my guglu muglu ..............i jst want to meet u ........i was live in udhampur a small town .............nd i m a samlll town grl ...........my jaan i cnt live without u ................<3<3<3<3<3 :*:*:*:*:*

  21. well u r a true darling.....love u as varun mittal!!! i wish u were my classmate...lol! so dat i cud see u d whole day....:p
    m crazy abt u n i really cant help it.....wish to meet u smday....U R REALLY ADORABLE N I WUD NEVER CALL U BHAIYYA THOUGH U R ELDER TO ME....:D

  22. awesome answers Yuvi......U r too good.

  23. Uv u r so dashing...

  24. Hii Yuvraj , I really love u you r love of my life and i want to spend my life with u can u plz meet me i can't live without u. U r verrryyyy special for me plzzz meeet me atleast once , its my only dreammmmm.


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