DID Judges and their Bollywood Connection!

Acclaimed choreographer Terence Lewis whose name is counted amongst the most popular choreographers, said that though at the start of his career he had choreographed for RGV's ‘Naach,’ but after that he refused to take up any Bollywood project and doesn't have any plans to work in the Bollywood industry as of now. He said that teaching an artist from the scratch, bringing the best out of him/her and making things look great with the twist of camera angles is something he does not appreciate. He further said that dance is his passion and he loves seeing nothing but the best on stage.

The choreographer owns a dance academy in Mumbai and masters in various dance forms like Indian folk, classical and contemporary. Terence has also choreographed various Bollywood shows, corporate launches and international stage shows as well.

On the other hand, Geeta Kapur swears by her association with veteran Farah Khan, whom she considers like her mother and feels secure and protected in her light. Geeta also declared that she would always lend a helping hand to Farah incase she needs her support for anything and anytime.

Farah Khan has also been her guru and she idolizes her more than anybody else. Geeta’s association with Farah for Sheila Ki Jawani proved to be a hit. They had never thought that this item song would create ripples but they are extremely happy with its popularity. Geeta also hopes to bring out many such item jigs in the near future.

Currently both Terence Lewis and Geeta Kapur are judging the dance reality show - ‘Dance India Dance’ on Zee TV. They are the kind of judges who never insult contestants, rather tells them to work harder on their dance.  

We hope that choreographer Terence and Geeta continues to enthrall the viewers of Tellywood and Bollywood with their great dancing skills.

Edited by:
Swati Ghosh


  1. love Terrance and Geeta.. They are really great with their class of students of the show and you can clearly see that they are softest and teach those girls and boys with so much dedication...

    Thank you RM for this info...


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