A Devil with a HEART - Raghu Ram!

He has made tough boys cry and contestants dread to face him. The devil of 'MTV Roadies’ whom we all love to hate; Raghu will be seen in a completely new avatar this season. We will get to witness his warm and mild side. 

‘Roadies Season 9’ auditions are presently being held in cities across India and as always, the sporty and adventurous youths are all geared up to crack the tough and at-your-face types grilling interviews of Raghu and team.

To everyone’s surprise, Raghu was seen counselling and even pacifying the contestants instead of kicking or humiliating them! Raghu even got emotional in some instances. His calm and composed behavior surprised everyone including co-judge, Ranvijay Singh Sangha

This season too, promises something special as always and this was indeed the most special thing one can expect from Roadies!

So tune in to watch the new and improved Raghu in 'MTV Roadies 9' Delhi auditions, last phase. 

Edited by:
Swati Ghosh


  1. I love this guy. He has guts and spine of iron to be a MAN and make these spoiled brats think about themselves. He is a great mentor.

    Raghu rocks.


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