Barun and Sanaya- "Out of the Blue"- Written Update

Sitting on the couch after a shot taking a break Barun and Sanaya get ready to answer questions for our "Out of the Blue" segment! Needless to say they had fun, since they themselves claimed they have never answered these questions before.

This is for the benefit of those that wanted a written update to our Barun and Sanaya Segment. Since we got an opportunity and the interview has received mixed responses, here are a few words about the segment itself.

The set of questions posed are just random, bizzare and out of context questions, posed only to get reactions out of the person sitting on the opposite side. You should try it with a friend, a cousin or a neighbor and see the reactions as you see their faces change color or expression!

                                     Barun  Sanaya Part 1

Rangmunch: Did you guys know each other before the show ?
Sanaya / Barun: No , we didn’t.
Rangmunch: So what was your first impression of each other when you met ?
Barun: (bangs his fist to the table with a melodramatic thud ) says OH CRAP !! (And laughs)
Sanaya: (smiling) First impression of Barun was, that he is some guy from America who doesn’t know what he is doing here and wanted to act And I was like Oh My God ! Disaster has struck. But now its changed. We are friends. So all is good .
Barun: Nothing for me changed (laughing while gorging on his fruits). First time I met Sanaya was at the look test we had to do together. Now lot of girls, when things go wrong they have the tendency to throw it around a little. When I first met her,  she goes - can you do that , can you do this? She went on and on … and later after knowing her now , IT STILL HASN’T CHANGED!!..(both laughing now). No, honestly what I thought of her was that she is a good actor. I did a lot of look test with people and few were bad but the one with her (pointing to Sanaya) was good .
Rangmunch: If there is one thing you couldn’t say to her then but can do so now, what would that be?
Barun: There is nothing that I can’t say to her now .
Sanaya: Ya, I know all. He tells me everything .
Barun: We’re pretty offensive people, you see (both laughing their head off), not very well mannered.
Rangmunch: Have you ever broken the law ?
Barun: Hmmm.
Sanaya: Yes he has..(why don’t we answer each others questions, that’s gonna be fun ..let's see how well we know each other)
Rangmunch : Where does it say that humpty dumpty was an egg ?
Barun / Sanaya: It doesn’t say (sanaya actually said the poem)
Rangmunch: What are the 3 tabs that are always open on your internet browser?
Sanaya: (looking at Barun) Sunny Leone…That’s a joke guys!!( immediately laughing it off)
Barun: Relax.. I’m gonna go home and explain this to my wife (laughs while telling Sanaya). I’m not much of a gadget freak, hotmail is the only thing open.
Rangmunch: What is the most over the top lie you have ever heard ?
Barun: (thoughtful) Well this happens a lot of times. Lot of people lie right on your face. If I am at my friends house and have been waiting since half n hour, he will come up and say “tujhe paanch minute he toh huye hai aaye." That happens a lot.
Rangmunch: Sanaya when was the last time you had a dream and couldn’t remember it ?
Barun: Oh almost everyday she comes and says that, I saw this one or that one .
Sanaya: I remember all my dreams .
Rangmunch: A crush you outgrew and felt silly about it later ?
Sanaya: All of them .
Rangmunch: If cheese would have to get its picture clicked, what would it say?
Barun: I stink!! (laughs)
Rangmunch: Barun, how did James Bond know that his Martini was shaken not stirred ?
Barun: Probabaly because it was in his script.
Rangmunch: What food makes you hungry ?
Sanaya: (looking at Barun) All kind of food  makes him hungry, while Barun is still eating away.
Rangmunch: If you were a pizza topping what would you be ?
Barun: Oh, I like it I would be red pepper.
Sanaya: Cheese for me.
Rangmunch: If you were to be a salad dressing, what would you be ?
Barun: My wife loves chicken, so I would be that.
Rangmunch : If I were to give you a million dollars, what would you do ?
Barun: (immediately says looking at the interviewer) I would take you around the world and show you all the places you would want to see.
Sanaya:You should take your wife around the world.
Barun: (looks at Sanaya saying) She is giving me the money, so I would take her and my wife too (adds later, laughing at Sanaya)
Rangmunch: How would you explain a Television soap to your 3 year old nephew ?
Barun : I don’t have one .
Sanaya: Koi fayda nahi hai .
Rangmunch: What is your favourite form of excrsice?
Sanaya: (laughs and says) I don’t excersice.
Barun: (says after listening to her response) She walks though, couple of times a day, from set to the room and back to the set (Sanaya agrees).
Rangmunch: When did you both go grocery shopping last?
Sanaya: Actually Barun and me have this in common, we both love Hyper City. We can spend hours there. Its our playground. I love shopping for biscuits, chocolates.
Barun: She gets to buy a lot of stuff and I get to be on the phone. I love that. Also I love the sports section.
Rangmunch: What is the first thing you do when you go back home?
Sanaya: Wash my hands.

Barun: Go to the washroom.
Rangmunch : Do fish get thirsty?
Sanaya/ Barun:  Ofcourse.
Rangmunch : If every thing you say is  a lie, are you being truthful?
Barun: (In a thoughtful mood) long as someone is not asking you if  you’re  saying the truth
Written update of the second part coming soon !!


  1. This has gotta be one of the cutest interviews - EVER!! I loved the question and the rapid-fire-y thing.

    And eager for more!!
    the videos are next in line.

  2. barun and sanaya are made for each other. they understand each other so well. my evil mind wants barun's marriage breakup - so that sanaya could be with him for ever. arshi dance is killing us. check youtube, - flooded with nice comments.

    1. i totally agree with are right i wish he and his wife just break up i wonder when his wife will get jealous of sanaya and his meeting almost everyday ...... BTW rest of it was amazing!!! :-D arnav and khushi xoxoxoxox! love ya'

    2. omg..i totally agree with u both! i wanted barun and sanaya together in real life as well!! Sigh

    3. yes mee too agree with u all !! I wanted to see them together in real life .. not only us but too many peoples r wishes that !! But wat to do !! Just dreaming they as a real life couples !! May our wish comes true one day !! Oh god !!

  3. barun and sanaya are damn cute with each other......onscreen they burn the television on fire leaving the fans to just keep on watching them continually and off screen they have such good friendship...........i really love watching them together....ARSHI/SARUN thumbs up... :)

  4. i agree with u pple....that barun and sanaya are the most cuttest couple...even i wish barun's wife suspect barun and divorce him...but this is not going to happen.....:(

    1. Oh my goodness just let them live

  5. Wow!!!!!! too cool!!!!! and enjoyed reading it!! luking front for more

  6. Awwww their friendShip is JUST TOOO CUTE <3<3 thnx Rangmunch .. I ADORE them like crazyyy LOVE u #Sarun ! U guyz r FAB when seen on Tv Together ! Amazing acting and i envy u guyz :p such Good friends *touchwood* :) bless u both xx Muwah

  7. aww so cute :)thank u so much :)

  8. Sooo cute!!
    Out off all sarun interviews
    ....this ones defimitely ma fav!!!

  9. they understands so much i haven't seen a chemistry like this. sometime i wish this would be an off-screen couple too. but we can dream may be dreams come true one day :)
    wish u lovely life ahead sanaya baby n barun baba!

  10. I wnt to see them as real life couple

  11. Awesome awesome They become real life couple

    1. they become real life couple when >>.hmm noooo but seems all fans wish is that :)

  12. barun sanaya looks gr8 together but honestly baruns wife is ugly women,the way she dressed, i mean no looks.just shocked after watching her like he could get any girl from india but she is unpleased after watching her.

  13. Best Indian Off-Screen Tv Couples


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