Awww n Hawww Moments of the Week!

Bade Acche Lagte Hai on Sony, saw some interesting and heart breaking revelation during the week. Priya eventually gets to know from Ram, that Krishna Kapoor is his real mother and Apeksha is apparently his sister. On the other hand, Natasha tells Kartik and his family that she had a miscarriage, and conveniently hides the truth about her abortion. Hawww!!! 

In Parichay, inspite of Raveena’s suicidal attempt and knowing about her affair with Rohit, Vikram decides to give their marriage and the relationship a second chance. Isey kehte hai saccha pyaar. Awww!! Also, Siddhi finally witnesses Richa’s true colors, as she continues to play her stunts to get closer to Kunal. Hawww!!  

In Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai, on Viren’s insistence, Viraat agrees to drop Manvi back to Hrishikesh. Unfortunately, on their way the car breaks down. A restless Manvi leaves Viraat alone and boards a bus. However, she is forced to get off the bus since she did not have money to buy her ticket. As she sits besides the road talking with some school kids, she notices Viraat going on a bike. Manvi frantically runs behind the bike calling out Viraat. On hearing her voice, he gets off the bike and sees Manvi running towards him. She hugs Viraat with a sense of relief while all their fans go Awww!!!

Bhabho’s indifference in Diya Aur Baati Hum, has pulled down Suraj’s morale and self-confidence and has taken a toll on his work. Even after repeated efforts, he fails to make the desired sweets and decides to cancel the order. Hawww!! Sandhya who notices all of this, decides to help Suraj to complete the order. She approaches her father-in-law, who in turn agrees to help her in bringing Bhabho and Suraj closer. Their plan succeeds as Bhabho eventually lands up in the kitchen to help them and complete’s the entire order for Suraj on time. Isey kehte hai Ma ki MamtaAwww!!  

Children are God sent angels who fill our lives with love, laughter, and happiness. Recently in our telly land we have two new addition, one being Nanhi and the other being Addu, in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch kaha on Colors. The week ended with an adorable and innocent Nanhi placing a matrimonial ad in paper to find a suitable groom for her single mother, in order to put an end to her miseries. Baache mann ke sacche. Awww!!!

The viewers of Star Plus’s Maryada Lekin Kab Tak are finally witnessing the courtroom drama. Aditya still thinks that his father Brahmanand is innocent and his mother is wrongly accusing him. Aditya is shocked when Devyani reveals about Brahma’s illegitimate relationship with Uttara and reacts vehemently. Hawww!! But what comes as a bigger and greater shock to everyone including Uttara is, when Brahma accuses Devyani of having an extra marital affair with her lawyer Shubhankar. Tauba Tauba.. Hawww!! 

Swati Ghosh


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