Awww and Hawww Moments of the Week!!!

Diya aur Baati Hum on Star Plus:

With the revelation of Sandhya’s educational qualification, all hell breaks loose. Bhabho decides to throw Sandhya out of the house for hiding the truth from them and also she is now convinced that Sandhya is the one who had given that false complaint against her at the police station. Hawww!!!

However, Suraj stops Sandhya from leaving the house by lying to his entire family. He tells Bhabho that he was aware about Sandhya’s educational status soon after their marriage. AwwwPati ho toh aisa!!!  

Balika Vadhu on Colors:

When Gauri learnt the truth about how Jagat’s father had borne all her educational expenses all these years, one thought that realization would dawn on her and she would feel sorry for having wronged Anandi. But to everyone’s disappointment, instead of being grateful, Gauri confronts Bhairav Singh and insults him. She also challenges Sumitra (Jagat’s mother), that she would never let Jagat get back to his family. Hawww!! Gauri just doesn’t seem to learn her lesson.

Dil Se Di Dua…..Saubhagyavati Bhav on Life OK:

This show never fails to create the hawww moments at all times. This week we witnessed yet another obsessive facet of Viraj, who loses his calm on seeing Jhanvi being dropped by her friend Sanjay, since her car broke down. Viraj gets so wild that he subjects  Jhanvi to marital rape. Hawww!!! Yeh kis tarah ki deewangi hai?

Bade Acche Lagte Hai on Sony Entertainment Television:

Natasha cracks a deal with Ayesha. She tells Ayesha to stop interfering in her life and in return, Natasha would give her the opportunity to be the showstopper at the Milan Fashion Week. An ambitious Ayesha agrees to Natasha’s offer. However, Priya is devastated when the Doctor reveals about Natasha’s abortion. Awww!!! 

Priya is further shocked when she bumps into Natasha at the hospital and sees no sign of regret at her end. Hawww!!!

Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai on Star Plus:

Jeevika is feeling torn between her love for her sister and her duty towards her in-laws. As much as she loves Manvi, she is unable to see the rift between Swamini and Viren due to her sister. Swamini tells Viren to send Manvi back to Hirshikesh at the earliest. Seeing Viren’s dilemma, Jeevika decides to tell the same to Manvi, in order to get things back to normal. 

So against her wishes, for the first time Jeevika speaks rudely with Manvi and tells her to return back home. Knowing how much she must have hurt her little sister, Jeevika breaks down too. Awww!! Behnein ho toh Aisi!!

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge on Sony Entertainment Television:

Just when we were expecting some Awww moments between Niddhi and Dr. Ashutosh, the makers have shocked us with some Hawww moments. To begin with, Mansukhani succeeds in his plans as Mr. Varma’s consignment is rejected. To make things worse, on Mallika’s insistence, her brother who is the bank manager, asks Mr. Varma to pay off the entire loan or else the bank would seize his properties to recover the loan amount. All of this results in Mr. Varma getting a heart attack. Hawww!!

Ashutosh does not take much time to jump the gun, and accuses Niddhi of playing with his emotions as she fails to turn up on the new year's eve. Hawww!!

Meanwhile Mallika continues to play her hate game with Niddhi. Without Ashutosh's knowledge, she sends Niddhi a message from his cell, asking her  not to contact him again!! Hawww!! An already distressed Niddhi feels miserable on seeing that message.

Niddhi decides to sell the house that she had desired to gift Ashutosh, to free her father from all his debt. Awww!!

Finally, Mallika learns that Niddhi is the owner of Ashutosh’s house and is extremely thrilled to get hold of the trump card. Hawww!!

However, seeing all these twists in such a short span “Log kuch nahi…bahut kuch keh rahe hai.” We hope the makers show some logical reasoning behind all the twists.  

Swati Ghosh


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