Abhishek Bachchan faces his hater on ‘Love 2 Hate U’

With the dawn of the year 2012, Abhishek Bachchan met his hater, Pratiksha on the show ‘Love 2 Hate U’ on Star World

During the chat with the Star, Pratiksha, a highly opinionated hater criticized Abhishek by saying that all the roles in his movies were stereotyped whether it was Dhoom, Sarkar, Sarkar Raj, or Paa. The hater also said that in the movie Guru he had an expression of sad- depressed boy. She also went ahead calling him a lazy bone at dancing, not much groomed for the roles and an unfit hero in the industry. 
Being bashed by the hater, Abhishek took all the criticism in his stride. He said that if one person is not happy with his work he should try to work harder to prove himself. He however disagreed with the comment of playing stereotype roles.

After his chat with Pratiksha, Abhishek sang a song for her specially written by him. Bringing to you the other side of stardom, Love 2 Hate U always makes it a point to keep its audience engaged.

Written by,
Niharika Vidya Sagar


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