When it comes to love, all you need to be is a man and a woman!

Armaan has been at it for a while now. Ever since he has learnt that his dear friend Ashutosh has fallen in love, Armaan has made sure he has done everything to ensure his friend gets what he rightly deserves; love, happiness, peace of mind. Ashutosh may deny it bluntly, but he has certainly not been a good actor, when it comes to displaying his affections for Nidhi off late.

Brought together by circumstances once more, Nidhi and Ashutosh arrive in Mumbai and land at the same medical conference. They end up bumping into one another, exchanging silent yet awkward glances, but the moment that walked away with all the applause in last nights episode was how Ashutosh, finally took a step towards doing something for his relationship.

His excitement as he noticed her, and his subsequent decision to make a move and walk towards her and sit with her, clearly indicated how he could not resist being around her. He knew there would be no use fighting it. Hence he gave in. Every single step from the time he got up from his chair and left that cup of coffee behind, till the time he reached her just a couple of meters away, Ashutosh must have deliberated a million times whether he was doing the right thing or not. He didnt know what she would react like. He also didn't want his eyes or his body language to give him away. He knew he had given her immense pain, so he also knew some kind of a small talk would be like doing gross injustice to their conversation if they were to have one.

When Nidhi, coldly cuts him short, Ashutosh doesn't retort, but the soft hearted side in him, jumps at the opportunity of sharing a table with his lady love. Every moment in those last few minutes last night, screamed louder than the silence between the two as they finally looked into one another's eyes with so much pain in them!

I smiled to myself by the end of it all, when I noticed Ashutosh behave like a young teenager, going through the pangs of meeting a first crush on a date! I concluded, thus when it comes to love, its not age, its not circumstances, the caste, creed, religion that defines the boundaries-You just have to be a man and a woman!

Niharika Vidya Sagar


  1. Haan indeed fri epi was good but evil mal is a sore thumb. Ashu is battling wid feeling, his values and society... this is what makes him good there is the love yet the restraint nice article


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