Until I was ten I didn't know there was no Santa Claus: Melanie Pias!

Melanie Pias

When we were little kids, we looked forward to Santa leaving presents for us on the eve of Christmas! This thought made us look forward to that day every year! Though as years passed we realized there was no Santa, and that the man was just symbolic of all the happy times that the festival promises. We still wish no matter how old we are that Santa would come knocking at our door with loads of goodies! After all who doesn't like to be pampered?

On the occasion of this Christmas, we at Rangmunch.TV bring to you a short video of Melanie Pias, who you recently saw on your favorite show Geet, playing the role of Nandini! Lets find out what Melanie plans to do this Christmas.

Rangmunch.TV would like to wish all its readers and viewers a Merry Christmas! Hope you have a joyful year ahead!!

Niharika Vidya Sagar
Swati Ghosh


  1. Awww Melanie so sweet. Silent Night Holy Night is one of my favorite too. Rangmunch Thank You so for this wonderful article at christmas time.. Swati you could have sing for us.

    Muah Muah


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