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Hawan at 7pm on Colors

As per the rituals, the newly wedded bride is expected to cook something sweet for the entire family. Aastha is extremely anxious since this is the first time that she would be cooking something for Baapji. Baapji is Aastha’s God, she wants to serve him his favourite dish, and so she decides to make Kheer. However, her efforts go in vain and the kheer is burnt. Will Aastha eventually be able to serve Baapji and fulfill the ritual? Do tune in to watch today’s episode.

Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna at 8.30pm on Star Plus

Finally Viren and Jeevika get married and the precap shows their bidaai. While the entire family bids good-bye to Jeevika, Manvi goes missing from the scene. We hope that this newly wed couple experience marital bliss, but will misfortune strike them any soon? Well seeing is believing, so watch the forthcoming episodes to see the story unfold.

Navya at 10pm on Star Plus

“Poor Girl!” Yes, that’s the phrase that we can think of every time we see a troubled Navya on screen. The more she is trying to get things right and keep everyone around her happy, the more she is being misunderstood by her friends and Anant. Poor Navya has to cope with the Bajpayee household, her Office work and to make things worse her friends Appy and Ritz and now Anant thinks that she has no time for them. Anant goes one-step ahead and thinks that Navya has lately been giving more importance to her boss over him. Will Anant understand Navya’s plight and once again stand by her? Watch Navya tonight to see the drama unfold. 

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