Is Arnav Singh Raizada justified?

Who is a more complex specimen…Man or Woman? This is a million dollar question, jiska jawaab dhoondte reh jaaoge. Men always complain that its impossible to understand a woman and the latter always thinks it’s the other way round.

Yesterday while I watched Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, my heart went out for Lavanya as she gracefully walked out of ASR’s life after learning that he does not love her.

While we all know that communication is the key to a healthy relationship, seldom do Men believe in this theory. As much as communication is important, saying it at the right time is equally important which they fail to understand and hence all the misunderstandings and heart-aches.

Arnav Singh Raizada, the man of few words who wears an iron mask and thinks that he is heartless. What Arnav forgot in his life’s battle was that he cannot forcefully rule his heart. He always knew that he never loved Lavanya and neither did she stir any emotions in him, but he still chose to keep her around just to show to the world, that its women who are head over heels for him and to satisfy his male ego.

He fought with his family and forced them to accept Lavanya as his live-in partner, once again to prove to everyone that no one controls his life other than him. When he felt that he was losing control over his emotions for Khushi, he impulsively and to everyone’s surprise declares marriage with Lavanya but then eventually backs out from getting engaged with her.

Yes, we all realize that one should be honest in one’s relationship and it was good on Arnav’s part to let Lavanya know that their relationship holds no future. Nevertheless, time and again in trying to prove a point to himself as well as to everyone around, especially to Khushi Kumari Gupta, least did he realize that he was constantly playing with Lavanya’s emotions and sentiments. Had he not lied to himself then that he can live in a relationship free from any commitment and love, he would not have ended up hurting Lavanya and rest of his family members.

While Arnav’s decision left the entire Family and Khushi in a state of shock, as they are unable to comprehend the situation, Lavanya exactly knew what was bothering Arnav. Yesterday Lavanya reminded me of the first episode wherein she appeared to be the rich, arrogant employee who took a pride in being ASR’s girlfriend and looked down upon “Chamkili.” While in those initial days, the very sight of hers irked me, last night tears trickled down my eyes as she bid goodbye to the Raizada family. The journey from being La to Lavanya was not easy for her, but as they say, “love can make you do things that you never thought possible.”

We hope that someday Lavanya will find her Man who will love her for who she is and make her feel wanted. Meanwhile we the viewers are surely going to miss her.

Swati Ghosh


  1. Hi Swati, here are my two cents and wad i just shared on IF:

    Week after week, i have been watching the story with my imagination getting distorted by the day!

    Last night just broke me and I couldnt fathom what Arnav was going through. Over the days I have been failing to see Arnavs love for Khushi. Does he love her as yet? May be not, there is loads of story to play on, so the makers must be surely taking their own time to build the same...

    But my heart went out to Lavanya.. off late i feel more for her, not just cos she moulded herself to fit into what garb of what an adarsh raizada bahu would be, but she also proved she understood Arnav as a person by the time she was ready to leave the house. she had won over their hearts, and the place she has created perhaps would never be filled by anyone else!!!

    She also has a conversation with Khushi where she indirectly hints at how Arnav may perhaps neverr know wad his heart wants!

    in the bargain, i somehow, lost my love for Arnav... with his complications, and his attempt to set La free from the clutches of a relationship with no love, i wondered, will Khushi be able to love this man with all herr heart? will she ever be confident that the man would not do this to herr? why do i say this? there has so far been no establishment of the fact as to what the two share other than strong and deep attraction which both of them to date deny ..

    where is the story going from here? the new guy will turn Arnav jealous, and Khushi will carry the guilt of not giving into her feelings for Arnav since she came, groomed La to the family's liking! Will she be able to love Arnav and admit it? Will she want to be with someone who has the power to abandon you one fine day? what would be the guarantee to their relationship other than the fact that they are the leads of the story?

    with many promises made at the start, I am slowly beginning to wonder where the story is heading!!!

    in making Arnav finally take a call, i saw his own selfish reasons of being caught in a web of not wanting to be in a relationship that offered him nothing, and where he didnt want to do anything either... when he got angry with Khushi he announced an engagement with La! but now that she is single too, would he admit he loves her? well no .. there will surely be complications, where getting them to come to terms with their feelings by itself will take up a large part of the story in the days to come ...

    i have neverr been a sucker for only moments in the story, but i would want to see more of ArShi though not in person but in spirit!!! if he is a business man , i would like to see him doing more than just sitting in front of the computerr or talking to Aman! if he loves his sister, i would like to see more than him getting worried for her at the drop of a hat !!! now, when he comes to know Shyam has cheated his sister, how will marrying Khushi to spite her change Anjali's situation in anyway? how will she live with a girl who supposed was the cause for her martital discord in the same house and accept herr as the wife or the girlfriend of his sisterr? nothing makes sense to me at the moment!!!

    i hope, we get back the much needed sensiblity in the story line, with some amount of sensitivity from the leads!!!


  2. I tend to agree with above comments. Definitely, this serial has strong storyline and lot many side stories to keep up CVs trps and high episode count. Somehow, I feel that story is directionless, no emotional connection. They got strong characterisation and well definted for each character right from lead actors to servants. But failing to define the situation. There is no emotional connection between the scenes. One cannot get the feeling tht arnav and khushi ve strong feelings for each other unless n until there is some scenes. There so many scenes.
    1. Scene where khushi sits in shop and says that "sapno ki duniya main rahna hi accha hai la....", beautifully quoted and delievered by khushi. Arnav listning to those lines, his action and reactions were apt. Next scene he realises.
    After that what, nothing .. there is no relevations or connection with that scene. Neither that build any strong emotions or feelings between them. That scene lost, i really touched with that scene. Forgot that scene, bcoz it dint add up anything, othr thn just filling for that day episode.
    2. La says to khushi, take care of arnav, no reaction at khushi. I m sure again that will get lost. I dont see any blink of relation to that scene in today's epi or upcoming epi tht way its taking its shape.
    3. CVs make sure to have atleast one scene btn them in a day. End up with some scenes and see each other. Thats all, scene done for that day. Specific scene have no carry fwd further.
    4. Arnav puts silver coins for her in detergent and she sells her bangles to buy plants for him. No connection with none of those scenes.
    Dialogues are crisp and precise, scenes are strong, but miscontrued the whole entertainment content.
    I m really really feeeling bad that suchcaa nice serial getting wasted somthing like this.


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