IPK Actors Share their New Year Wishes and Plans!!!

Its New Year's Eve !! All of us have had a wonderful year that went by with a show like Iss Pyaar Ko Kyaa Naam Doon becoming a party of our daily lives! Here's the actors Barun Sobti, Sanaya Irani who play Arnav and Khushi on the show and Deepali Pansare who plays Payal on the show wishing their fans a Happy New Year!!

Hope You Enjoyed this little treat from Rangmunch.TV!!! 

Edited By,
Niharika Vidya Sagar


  1. what's with Barun's accent?! Speak normally dude...u don't get honorary american citizenship on the basis of accent :|

  2. Thank you!

    To be honest, sometimes I find your website a bit Geet-obsessed but now that it's finished I'm hoping you'll become IPKKND-obsessed and we'll get lots more posts about Barun and Sanaya! :DD

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Stop copying me Barun said To Sanaya.......@2.40
    The way he was saying.......hahahahahahaha he was teasing her coz She also said the same thing to Barun.....in this video.......


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