Fanspeak:In the last one year or more, I have lived almost every emotion of my entire life put together through Geet: Niharika Vidya Sagar

I have been reading so many fan stories, and am amazed at how a show has gone on to touch so many lives in so many different ways. But the tune they all sing in is the same. I must admit, I didn't want to put down my sentiments for Geet in words this time, since I was beginning to feel words would totally fail me for once. But then, I had to do this only because, I learnt only last night that today is going to be the last day and that jolted me. I couldn't do anything else after that and I was numb. 

In the last one year or more, I have lived almost every emotion of my entire life put together through Geet. That is why I always say, to me Geet is not a show. It had become a way of life. Waking up in the morning, I would refresh my page even before brushing to see what new had happened in the last few hours I had dozed off, and would actually see some activity! 

I have made friends from all over the world, gained and learnt so much. To say that this show has made me cry more than I would have in all these years of my life, would be an understatement. The tears have been of joy, of euphoria, excitement, of sadness, restlessness and anticipation all put together on various days at various times. There was always this subtle intensity that I associated with the show that never ceased to exist. That is how, I found my way into the Idiots Thread on India-Forums which became like a Family. Reading beyond the obvious on every single day almost became the order of our routine. All of us had a perspective and every single one was as engaging and as interesting.

I cannot forget that the best birthday of my life happened on Geet, when loads of people from all over the world collected together to wish me at 12. My parents were shocked to know, I couldn't do anything else after that since I was that overwhelmed.

That scene where Geet collapses and cries in the courtyard after Kehna hi Kya  where Maan tells her that he will always be protective of her made me weep for days. When Maan finally gave into his emotions after Behne de and let a few tears flow, instantly made me fall in love with the man and want someone like him. Each time something would happen I would almost feel it has happened to me, and blush like an idiot or cry like a sponge! 

My friends named me Nautanki, and I didnt disappoint them ever after for doing so. Geet re-enforced the belief that I could put my thoughts into words and that made me realize the value of every human emotion around me. I turned a lot more sensitive and empathetic towards most people around me. I learnt to forgive and forget when there was no use holding onto pain. I learnt that dreams come true if you believe in them and work towards fulfilling them! I found my true calling with this show in every way and I have actually found a true purpose in life personally, professionally,emotionally and sensibly!

The thought that Geet was going to end sooner or later always played on my mind, but I never gave it a thought. But the moment the time drew closer, I realized how much I wanted to cling onto it, how I didn't want to let it go. The last three days have been an absolute pain to live. Working on those articles, compiling stories has never been this hard, but Geet has turned me into a cripple! I have watched many old scenes over the last few days, re-lived every emotion, and the incidents that happened in my own life around the time all that aired and have looked back and smiled fondly at every bit of it.

I have learnt to respect the makers of the craft even more after learning how hard it is to put together a product that we finally watch in our comfort chairs. I have grown from being an enthusiastic fan to a responsible writer, who has learnt and gained every single day! Like I have always said, Geet is, and always will be very close to my heart and I will never forget what it has done to me. 

Before I repeat myself for the millionth time I would like to take this opportunity to thank every one right from Priya Ramanathan, who brought me to watch this show since she was writing it, to Nissar Parvez, my favorite Director whose first interview I did, and saw the other side of my beloved show, to Vrushali who became my Virtual Momma, to Lavu, Dhwani, Amru, Charlee, Vinu, BB, to Bri who is a true guiding force, to Chandi who gave me a chance to see the world I adore so closely to Swati who has become an indispensable part of my life today due to work and emotional reasons!!!

The trips to the Geet set are another thing I am going to surely miss only for the warm and homely treatment we always got. Mehboobji, Sanjuji and Manishji have always made sure we do not leave the sets without a meal, we have captured some fun moments with the leads, where we have learnt of their normal day to day lives and also of how, much effort goes into making this much loved show from the scratch to the final scene! 

I know the madness is here to stay and will only get worse with time, but for now I think I will stop since I want to now sit back just relive some more of those moments in the calmness of my room. 

Long Live Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi!!!

Niharika Vidya Sagar


  1. Oye tum bhi rulane mein maahir ho rahi hai aaj kal ;(

  2. Niha babes u have written so beautifully, hugs babes may God bless you, your Star will fly high, high I just know ;))

    *crying again but from happiness*

  3. we feel very bad....ending of GHSP...hamari life ki ek hisse ko hum b khogai...phir b yahi vummeed h ki....o zarur kahi na kahi show me waapas aayenge.....LOVE U GURMEET N DRASTI..WE MISS U ALOT..ALL DA BEST 4R UR FUTURE PLANS...CRY CRY CRY...E AASU RUKTE NAHI H,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  4. very well written, niharika....Geet will be an intrinsic part of your life as it helped give birth to your dreams in the form of this forum..all the best in your future high! and going forward, hope you occasionally feature GHSP in your write ups.....for old times sake.


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