Guide Takes His Last Bow


                                                         Dev  Anand ( 1923- 2011)

                       " Abhi na jao chhod kar, ke dil abhi bhara nahi"

The world will remember him as a man who brought romance to Bollywood.He embodied the  showbiz doctrine that being young has nothing to do with ones's life.In that sense Dev Sa'ab would be the youngest 88 year old to have passed away.

He was in london when he breathed his last at 3.30 am . He suffered a massive cardiac arrest.

The forever young at heart legend wanted the world to remember him as a man bursting with life.Dev Anand lived and reigned in a Bollywood era when screen deites conducted themselves in public in such a way as befits an illustrious tag.Along with Dilip Kumar and  Raj Kapoor, he formed the triumvirate that underlined superstardom and brand image long before such fancy terms became fashionable.If Dilip Kumar was known known as the intensely tragic icon, Raj Kapoor the maverick showman...Dev Anand was the original loverboy riding  the power drug of youth.His trademark  swagger and dialogue throw earned him the sobriquet " Gregory Peck of India "

He set the silver screen on fire with numerous memorable films such as " Baazi, Jaal, Taxi Driver,Funtoosh, CID,Paying Guest, Nau Do Gyarah,Kala Paani, Kala Bazaar,Jaali Note,Hum Dono, Tere Ghar Ke Samne, Jewel Theif, and Guide"The list is never ending.He made films as he wanted to share his feelings with the world." There is no business as show business"he said in an interview not long ago .He also gave the industry some spectacular finds such as Tina Munim, Jackie Shroff, Ekta,Zeenat Aman,Natasha Sinha, Tabu and Richa Sharma.

Dev Anand will be always remembered as the evergreen hero who won millions of heart over by his walk and tiltilating talk.May his soul rest in peace ! You will always be missed Dev Sa'ab....



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