Finale Version of Mahi!! A Gift to Geet Fans: Raju Singh !!

Mujhe tumse pyaar hai, 
ninnu nenu premistunanu, 
ami tomake bhalobashi, 
maza tuzawar prem aahey,
 I love you, just I love you. 

Though the words are all as different
 as the languages we speak, 
Though the words are all unique, 
our hearts are still the same 
because “love” in any language
 comes straight from the heart
It pulls us all together 
and never ever apart!

This was a song I learnt in school, but it is today that I truly have experienced and understood what it means, because Geet has defined that to us.

Geet and Maaneet have not only created a void in the lives of their fans but the makers miss the journey too. Probably 9.30pm IST every weekday here on will no longer hold the importance in our lives the way it did till yesterday.

When Rangmunch.TV caught up with Raju Singh the Music Director of the show, we were surprised to see how he got emotional himself and confessed “In the journey of life, you know you will take a certain path and you also know that you are destined to meet certain people. However, in my life’s journey, Geet the show, has been instrumental in bringing so many of us together in such a manner, that our hearts have become one.”

As a Thank You gesture and a tribute to all his fans, Raju Singh, the maestro behind “Mahi” has decided to gift his dear fans who claim to have become friends along this journey, with the finale version of ‘MAHI.’

So brace yourselves as we unveil the tune that is all set to take you right back into the magical paradise of Maaneet land.

Good byes have never been easy, so why say them when you can live and cherish every moment that went by right here with Rangmunch.TV!

So while the show has ended we continue to bring to you the moments of this Memorable Journey Called “GEET- Hui Sabse Paray.” 

So tune in to Rangmunch.TV between 11:30 -12:00 am IST today to hear Mahiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!

Niharika Vidya Sagar


  1. Mahiiiiiiiiiiii will always be in my heart. Thank you Raju Singh.

  2. mahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii the most beautiful tune ever

  3. thank you so much really love it

  4. mahiiiiiiiiiiii is the most beautiful and soft music tune i have heard ever..... it is my most favourite tune................

  5. Wowwwwwwww sir Marvelous tune eever.. i wish if Maaneet with us but.... :'(
    Anyway toooooooooo gud sir... =))

  6. Just made me crazy maahi maahi just fabulous fantastic

  7. This indicates a new beginning of the show.....the tune is nice... & female version is definitely a surprise package...


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