Fanspeak:Every time my 9 year old daughter falls or trips, instead of crying,sings Mahi - Vani Agrawal

"Everything has a beginning and an end. Jo shuru hua hai vo khatam hoga hi. This is the law of nature." These are the phrases I have been repeating to myself since we all came to know about the ending of our beloved show. It DID NOT WORK.

Then I took another approach and started chanting, "Oh, for god's sake, grow up. It is just a show. Maan and Geet are fictional characters. Stop behaving like a nutcase." This did not work either.

Then I said to myself, do I even want to let go of something that has so deeply touched my heart, has given me a glimpse of divine? 

The resounding answer was "No, Never."

My journey of Geet began in earnest with the entry of Maan Singh Khurana. After that day my life was never the same again and never will be. 

For me Maan and Geet's love story is far more impact full than Romeo and Juliet's or Laila and Majnu's. In this beautiful story Of Maan and Geet there was so much hope, so much laughter and so much dignity. And that's why it worked for me. Maan and Geet always gave hope and courage to each other and to us. Even in their most trying times they were optimistic and were always selflessly thinking about other's welfare. They always, without fail, brought a smile to my face. 

I am so very grateful for them.

I live in USA. I told some of my friends (American) about Geet. We watched one episode one evening when they were in my house and that was it. They got completely hooked to it. (Of course, I had to translate for them) We had so many dinner and Geet nights where we would watch 10 or 15 episodes or even 20. All of them were and still are mesmerized by Maan and Geet and by their sizzling chemistry. Often, they would share with me that they had never seen something like this before - so innocent, so pure, so beautiful and so subtly sensuous. 

Another cute thing which I wanted to share was that now every time my 9 year old daughter falls or trips, instead of crying, she calls her dad or me, asks us to pick her up and the moment she is in our arms, she looks in to our eyes and starts singing Mahi........

I know it will be hard to live without Maan and Geet on a daily basis. However, they will always remain in our hearts and I for one will keep watching their scenes. 

Hope to see them together again in the near future.

Much much love to you all.



  1. salam my name is iqra and i m frm pak aue main ne bhi geet maan jaanu ki entry se daikhna shuru kiya and i m falling in love with himmmm.and absulotely agree yaar maneet are our life and we cant live without them,in my house we r 3 sis r craiest fan of this show and when we know that our show is ending ,we all r bitterly crying bcoz our daily routine to see maneet scenes again and again and when we saw new epi,hamari jaan main jaan aajate aur now our only wish that our maneet come back with season 2

  2. The phrases that you mentioned are exactly the ones that I have been chanting to myself ever since I heard of GEET going off-air; and it did not work for me either...
    I wish we could have a little more of our show, but I guess, I'll never stop wanting more of it!
    I am glad to know that I am not the only one who will still keep watching the scenes and episodes once our beloved show ends!


  3. Thank you for entertaining us for the last 1 year 9month and 10 days...
    Geet-hui sabse paraye was introduced by my cousin I remember till now it was in August 2010 I join it, I just hooked myself into Maan Geet, then I catch all the previous episode till date...
    I'm living in France, I show Geet to my mother and brother too and they too liked... I just loved the concept because it was different from all other shows, it was no saas bahu saga, my world seems to change and it's true it changes...
    I take my life positively and try to do what I want in life, try to become independant...
    Thanks to Geet I made friends from all around the world... I try to understand the world, the love Maan Geet created I wish that each couple on this world live in love they share...
    I want to thank all the star casts for their wonderfull performance they gave specially Gurmeet & Drashti you were just awesome,love you both, thank you too producers, directors, techniciens, camera men and all the entire team of Geet for their wonderfull and hardwork... and the writer who create this beautiful story... I really feel crying right now while writing because it feels hurt... but each story has an end... Geet will alway stay close to my heart beause it's really special to me but as fan we'll try to make come back Geet season 2... Love Maaneet, love Gurti, love Geet...


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