Fanspeak: Au revoir mi song.... Anamika Das

“There is a song that no one has heard, the song of silence” ~ Wizard of Oz

(c) Ansel Adams

Was there a song for me?
I asked the Lord in Hope.

Do you see me cry?
Do you see me fly?

What do you want from me?
Lord, have mercy on me

Give me the one thing
That you have given no other living being on this earth

The sight, the all Seeing Eye!
U said, “Third Eye”

I said no, but I need the Dus Rudras
And the Only One Eka Dasa Rudra

So u bestowed on me
The Jesus Gene

To sing
and gave a balm to my weeping heart

Thus given
I sang

My Mahii is God Define

My Mahii is Destined
My Mahi is Path in Twine

My Mahi is the Raaz
The Secret to the Riches of God’s heart

Thus enshrined
In the Labyrinths of Time

Recall is its Receipt
Remembrance is in its creed

God’s cabal
Distance penetrated

Sound, light barriers
Just barricades of the mind

A distance song I hum
Let this be MY GEET

(c) Ansel Adams

-         Anamika Das   -

[Death of…]

Au revoir

(c) Ansel Adams

Note: We thanks Anamika an old name on the Geet Page for sharing her thoughts. Thanks all of you for showing immense love and interest in the write ups. You are more than welcome to share your story at


  1. Super cool Anamik Das......Au Revoir to you too and what a fitting Sayanora to GHSP!!!

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  3. Anamkia jaisa nam aisa wonderful thoughts ;))

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  5. Ansel Adams!!!!!!!!!!
    Gosh only you can compare Ansel Adams photography with GHSP :-O

    I wouldn't dare to. However great a GHSP fan I may be, I revere Ansel Adams for his works too much to ever compare the two. This was a man who knew how to shoot and never compromise on his quality... which ahem! makes me wonder...... why AA and GHSP!

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