Fan Speak: Unfortunately BoloGEET didn’t last forever - Sheepa Begum!

I started watching Geet pretty late, I came across it when I was staying at my aunts place who ALSO started watching it late. She started when Geet got married and I started when Maan insisted on having Geet sign those papers but her scarf kept getting in the way, or she kept fainting. But hey, you can’t love a show if you’re not going to make fun of it every now and then, which I did, on the FB page. Once I had caught up on all the episodes I joined the fans on Facebook.

I’m with Noorie on this one, I met some wonderful girls through that page and even to this day I am surprised by it. Firstly these girls were completely okay with me saying that as much as I loved watching the show I just didn’t find Gurmeet attractive. And secondly, they were wonderful, friendly, funny girls. We were all in different parts of the world, all of different ages but we got along really well. Before I knew it we began a group of our own where we would subtitle the episodes! Now considering the fact that Urdu isn’t even my mother tongue I think I should put this time-consuming, night-shift work on my CV because if subtitling a show in a language that you learnt simply by watching Indian shows isn’t impressive I don’t know what is!

I will admit I did become very attached to the show. I couldn’t join everyone else when it aired but I made sure the first thing I did when I got home from work was go to Youtube and watch the latest episode. My favourite Geet moment had to be when she spoke up to her brother and sent him to jail. My favourite Maan moment(s) was every time he’d look away when she was without a dupatta, I found that very sweet. Favourite scene of them together had to be when he saved her in the jungle from being beheaded. Talk about knight in shining armour!

Unfortunately BoloGEET didn’t last forever as each of us had either work to do, school to attend or a family to take care of. We might have let go of the new job but the girls who got together through Geet have pretty much stuck together. I still think I’m damn lucky to have found the *cough* sane *cough* girls through Geet. I don’t take all fb pages for granted like that though; I was lucky with this one but I doubt I’d find girls like these on every fan page of Facebook.

So now that Geet has come to an end I have to say, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! Thank you GEET for coming on Star One, for giving us two brilliant characters in Maan and Geet, a touching storyline and a chance to bring together so many people around the world.

Sheepa Begum


  1. baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i know again u meant me everytime u said wonderful sane lovely funny girls :-D *shoves noorie and safi in a bin and carts em off over a cliff* i miss neha and her trolley... :o(

  2. Whoo Hoo Sheepa begum. nice article. I have always read yours silently but Manodi, swati always praised about you. Old is always gold. You have been so honest in this article and I really appreciate you from my heart.

    Its so true that we have found few genuine ppl on Geet page who would be friends for life. Thank You.


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