Fan Speak: “Two Tormented Souls Finding Solace in Each Other” - Nafisa Kazi!

When was I drawn to this show?
What was it that caught my attention?
How, I got deeply attached to this beautiful saga of two individuals having a traumatised past, finding solace in each other & creating their own blissful haven”?

Just like the relationship growth between maaneet, was a gradual one, my being sucked into their world was gradual.

Attraction: From the moment when a shirtless Maan emerged from the depths of water carrying a half-drowned Geet in his arms, I was struck by this beautiful couple. My instinctive reaction being “how good they look together”...

Interest Evoking: Me, who doesn't believe in "love at first sight" theory, so naturally, when maaneet’s relationship began on an antagonistic foot, it caught my attention. Maan, with his over-generlized belief "treachery, thy name is woman" treating Geet with abhorrence & Geet disliking him for his overbearing & judgmental attitude. I found their never-ending squabbles so endearing.

Love & Respect: It was not long before I grew fond of these two characters and held them in awe. While most fell for an "angry Maan," I fell in love with "righteous Maan." Perhaps the first glimpse that behind a "tough exterior there resided a heart of gold" was when despite his hatred towards woman-kind, he was always there for Geet.  When the man she had placed her trust in deserted her, when her own family was out to annihilate her very existence, it was Maan who was her savior. Geet, brought up in a family where the word of eldest male member of the family, was taken as law, stands against them for what she deems as right. Yup, I fell in love with the innate traits of these two onscreen characters.

Thought Provoking: Unlike most of the dramas being televised, GHSP was the one that went away from the "norms.” The basic concept of this tale itself raised many questions in the minds of it's viewers that led to many online debates. It highlighted crimes carried out taking advantage of societal laws "fake marriages.” Another was the heinous social act of "honor killing.” How just to save the family's prestige Geet's own family wanted to keep mum about what she has gone through & terminate her pregnancy. Watching Geet's trauma and her struggles and yet there being a "ray of hope" in her life in the name of "Maan Singh Khurana." This surely would've been a sort of "catharsis" for those who might've suffered or been through similar traumatic experience and not so fortunate like Geet who had her Maan with her.

Emotional Attachement: Oh Geet & Maan!!! How I fell in love with their love. Whether it was Maan's undeniable trust in his Mishti or Geet's absolute faith in him. Even when the Creatives had come up with the "inane" track of misunderstanding between them, their faith in each other was evident in their covert behavior. I started relating to the various stages in their relationship growth. Indeed one of the most beautiful depiction of growing affinity between two individuals, so much so that their union seemed so credible.

There are many gem of moments in this wide field of Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi. The list is a long one. Beginning from the one shown in the above picture, let me churn out some uncut gems that also left an impact on me. 

1. This one's my favorite. It's when Geet pays a surreptitous visit to Maan. At first only her eyes are visible, no wonder, Maan seemed to be mesmerized by those beautiful doe-like hazel eyes.

 2. "Main ye kabhi bhool nahi sakti ki meri zindagi aapki amanat hai." Their first night together spent in a thatched hut after Maan saves Geet from Brij.

3. Who'd not be tempted to want to move away the tendril teasing such an angelic countenance. So if Maan was, I certainly don't blame him.

4. I loved this scene for the undercurrents between Maaneet that could be sensed by all.

5. Here was perhaps where I was most impressed by Gurmeet's performance. My heart went out to Maan's agony on realizing that Geet has left her job. His words to Adi "Wo mujhe chodkar chali gayi,” aww....

This was just an attempt to express my sentiments about this wonderful show called "Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi.”

Nafisa Kazi


  1. love the way you have described nearly every stage of their relationship lets hope some one is getting the message why this show effected so many peoples lives and why we dessperatly want them back on screen together

  2. Nafisa what a beautiful take loved it ;))
    Hugs babes

  3. yes! geet give us so many things. there was emotions in romance. so it touch to every hearts.


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