Fan Speak: This show GOT to release on DVD - Sadia!

I still remember the day I first found Geet – the show I mean! I was browsing through YouTube when I saw the little thumbnail of "Kurbaan Hua" song sequence - that infamous picture of Geet in white and Maan in black behind her. For someone who doesn't watch Indian serials, I don't know why, but I couldn't stop myself from clicking that thumbnail to watch the video. The thumbnail itself made me curious – the lighting, the colour theme, the expressions on the actors' faces, the pose – I never saw anything like that – atleast not on anything Indian serial related!

After I watched the video, I couldn't sleep. Literally – all I could think about was “what did I just watch”. I got up and started browsing through more Geet related videos. The next clip I saw was the “Maahi Maahi” song sequence and from that moment, there was no coming back. I was physically stunned! It's one of the most beautiful and passionate sequence I've seen in my entire life. From that day onwards, I was hooked to this serial. My nights would be spent watching Geet-Maan related scenes and my days would be spent thinking about the scenes and trying to stay awake, while working or studying!

There are many serials on TV, there are many actors and actresses on TV. But for me, I have never seen anyone like Drashti Dhami and Gurmeet Choudhary. Their approach to a scene, their interaction to not just eachother but other characters, the way they say their dialogues – it's unlike anything I've seen! And this goes not just for the actors but the entire team of Geet. I wonder if they fully understand what they have created!

What bought me to the Geet forum was a single thought after watching “Maan's Letter to Geet scene” from the Amritsar track. There are many beautifully shot scenes in Geet; the “Dargah scene”, the “Behne De” scene, the “Kehna Hi Kya” scene, but that “letter scene” is my favourite. It's like as if the camera was reciting and enacting the most romantic poem one could think of! Beautiful close up shots of Drashti and Gurmeet also showed the brilliance of the makeup team this show has.

And yes the single thought was “this show GOT to release on DVD” - because all I wanted to do was keep this show in my possession forever! A very selfish thought turned into, probably the most selfless thing I have done in my life?! The thought was so strong that I made a Facebook account for the sole purpose of being a part of the “Geet” forum. I went to the forum as a silent observer. I still consider myself that. But as I introduced this single thought of mine to the world of “Geet”, I wasn't so silently observing anymore. I found four people - four sisters I should say; Zainab, Sejal, Iffy and Rani. That single thought of mine was not so single anymore – it has become a thought for many. I now run a page with my sisters to turn this single thought into a reality for all of us Geet fans.

Can a show give so much to it's fans? Geet has. We will forever remain thankful to the makers, actors, creators; infact the entire team of Geet, for giving us something so beautiful, priceless and invaluable. 

Thank you Rangmunch TV, for giving us fans a platform to express our thoughts to the team of Geet.



  1. so true every geet fan has somthing special to say about the show,I to have som nay thing to say true this show is totally different n uniqu, so many shown somes n went but notheing like Geet came before n never come as Gurti has mad every scene so special which is print our mind heart like with earrisable ink which will never go till my death , this show has given so many happiness really mising the show n Gurti badly


  3. geet will remain in our hearts forever and i m also selfish and i also want the dvd of geet serail as i loved maaneet ............MAANEET FOREVER

  4. rightly said this show deserves a dvd edition n m sure it will be sold out easily.this show was really unique,pure n there was a special spark.pata nahi why the PH n channel slaughtered the show in such a way.nissar sir n h.gandhi sir u did an amazing n wonderful thing which will be in our hearts forever.thanx.the actors DD n GC had a spark that lit the smal screen to a new dimension of xpressions,acting n talent,their hardwork brought them laurels n their show rocked.shocked n surprised why did it come to an end when actually there was a lot to say n many things were unsaid.miss u geet n maan,love u lots.

  5. GHSP is th first Hindi Serial in my life..which I saw every episodes.Even the Promos......not once even 10 times a day.I really get surprised when they say it gets low trp??????

    Well........I don't care about trp.But This is the best serial on TV.Which just made me a fan of my dearest Gurti.I'll b happy if it comes in DVD.

  6. U have expressed the views of every single maaneetian/gurtian towards the show and the versatile couple. What can we say more than this???? I agree with each and every word of yours and can feel the pleasure in real as i have also gone through this phase. My support is always with u to achieve our dream :)

  7. Tanya's message

    I wanted to post this on your article but couldnt manage----so I’m pasting it here: Sadia, thank you so much for writing about your introduction to Geet---for many of us the introduction , like yourself ---was by sheer accident. Once hooked---there was no turning back. A simple love for the serial has turned into a passionate obsession for us fans. Never before have I heard of fans watching repeats on Tv as many times as telecast or downloading episodes and watching for the Nth time on their PCs, laptops, phones, ipads etc. The release of the set of DVDs will release us from the confines of the small screen and various pop-ups and finally enable us to watch our favorite jodi Maaneet uninterruptedly in a HD full flat screen and to appreciate the combined work of the GHSP team---in direction, photography, make-up etc-------not to mention hearing the beautifully written crisp dialogues that have pulled at our heart strings over and over again. Thank you Sadia, and your sisters , Zainab, Sejal, Iffy and Rani for the untiring efforts that you all are putting in for the release of that set of DVDs.Being the first of its kind the release of these DVDs will not only be a milestone in the history of Indian soaps on Telivision, but will also be a befitting tribute to the combined efforts of the entire Geet team who hace created magic and left us spell bound forever.

  8. Awww I so agree with you - the DVD should be made!! It'll be worth it!!

  9. come on star please grant geet fans these xmas wishes geet d.v.d soon and maaneet back on screen as soon as possablr thank you

  10. Hope to get these DVDS soon on market.......... we luc maaneet so much tat we watch the show in utube countless times... Maaneet rock..the ever best on screen couple been so far & hence forth as well. also we want them back on screen...

  11. I agree with you .. A Love story as eternal as GHSP SHOULD BE RELEASED ON DVD .. I would love to own one .. I hope / wish / pray that we get one soon :)


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