Fan Speak: Still and will be addicted to GHSP - Alima Kanumilli !

MAAN SINGH KHURANA stormed in like a tornado, fought tooth and nail to stay away from love and lost the battle!
GEET HANDA breezed in like a breath of fresh air, turned everything topsy turvy in Dusht Danav’s  life and lost the battle!

Together, they won the war and stole hundreds of hearts. Together they also created a tsunami of emotions, a battlefield of different opinions, and a blood bath of various groups (literally)!!!! Together, they created a fanatic section of an audience, who lived in the fantasy world of Maan and Geet, 24/7, leaving reality behind. They breathed Gurmeet Choudary and Drashti Dhami, to an unrealistic level of fanaticism!! They put Mahatma Gandhi’s “Satyagraha March” to shame!!

If they created a blood bath of groups and fanatics, they also were responsible for keeping faith in fairy tales and happy endings. I was a personal witness to one such fairy tale and it cemented my feelings of faith, hope and love, even more so now than before. I was exposed to some amazing writers and their fan fictions, impressive, satirical and humorous poets to the core…. what poetic justice to a show that has deprived viewers of their sanity!

The show was a piece of art! Each stroke of a brush was a pleasure to watch, each stroke of a brush was bliss, each stroke of a brush created indescribable feelings in the viewers, and each stroke of the brush was nurturing to the point of being poignant. There never was a bad stroke or a good stroke, it was molded to the best of the circumstances and every stroke created a ripple of shiver and a wave of emotions. Every member on the team should be proud of being a part of this masterpiece. I AM! I am proud to say that I was a part of this masterpiece – a magic created by these individuals with a creative vision, a magic that cannot be replicated, a magic that cannot be repeated, a magic that had opened doors of my mind to so many master strokes of the human psyche. An original once born, will always stay a masterpiece in its own right.

My sincere and heartfelt gratitude to the creators of “Geet Hui Sabse Parayi” from Nissar Parvez to Barry Dillon, to Mahesh Pandey to Sundeep Sharma, to Swati Pandey….and all the front runners who have toiled (at various stages), to make this show a success and a goal they have achieved beyond their wildest dreams!. My deepest and sincere appreciation to all those super troopers in the form of light boys, spot boys, technicians, costume designers, make up artists and any other department that I had missed; without these soldiers in the trenches, the show would not have happened, and today, I want to give my very special thanks for their hard work, day in and day out. These soldiers deserve more than just a kind word, for the amount of hard work they put forth, to make things happen on the sets every day. No matter how much I praise these troopers, I still would fall short of appreciating the hard work and hours they slog, just to execute a two minute scene, to make us say WOW!!!!!

I come away with very, very fond memories….from the “Kurbaan Hua” song to the ‘Pee Loo” song, to the “Darga” episode to the “Mera Mangetar Banogi” episode…..these are but just a few of the many scenes that would be etched into my memory and would always remind me of those intense feelings that these two artists have evoked…they literally poured their soul into the characters and brought them alive. I still get goose bumps thinking of certain scenes, remember those trendsetting dialogues. I come away with the happiness and satisfaction of making some amazing and beautiful friends who have become very dear to me and who I know would be with me forever. I come away with so many sweet memories of meeting some of these very friends that I came into contact through the show and I fondly remember the intense, funny, and almost fanatical discussions I shared with some of these very friends on the GHSP forum and various other discussion boards.

To me “Geet Hui Sabse Parayi” would always be like those tens and thousands of golden daffodils, when in a pensive mood, that flash in my mind, and fill me with bliss and my heart sings with pleasure;  each daffodil to me , represents an emotion, a gesture, a thought, a feeling and a character! And on this note, I would like to share a few of those lines from my favorite poem “Daffodils” by William Wordsworth…

“When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils; Ten thousand saw I at a glance, Tossing their heads in sprightly dance. I gazed—and gazed—but little thought What wealth the show to me had brought: For oft, when on my couch I lie In vacant or in pensive mood, They flash upon that inward eye Which is the bliss of solitude; And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the daffodils.”

My warm wishes and heartfelt blessings, to every member of the team in their future endeavors.  May all your wishes come true and have a rocking New Year filled with success and happiness!

Still and will be addicted to GHSP!

Alima Kanumilli (Livletliv)


  1. Beautiful words Alima ! Loved it :)

  2. Wow Alima ke Almari me se itna superb article!! Fab babes :))) Loving It! First Mano and now U ;))

  3. Wow Alima,you summed it up all our feelings so well! Will be still addicted to the golden period of GHSP...what magic! Sigh!
    You said it all and said it so well.Congratulations to G Team for the job well done, for making us Maneetians, for bringing positivism,love, hope and laughter into our lives for 20 minutes everyday for the past one and half year.
    Love you all!

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  5. SUPERB ARTICLE, Alima ... Will miss our Dhust Dhanav .. our Angry Man MSK, our LOVER BOY MAAN ... and his Mishty, his chalthee phirthee disaster .... his GIIIIT .. Will miss all the MITTINGS, the BLADY MAARY'S ..I will terribly miss My Maan's Gulabi English, My Maan's Bedroom Eyes, his slender piano fingers .. his perfect bow shaped mouth with a smile or otherwise .. UFFFFFFFFF :********((((( :( ..

  6. Thank you Alima for great article. Each and every words are so true. This show will alway stay close to our hearts. Excellent Penning

    Loved it to the core

  7. Beautifully said and put out our words so well

  8. Yo cous, u rock bebe! Love your usage of simile!

  9. awesome...touching...beautiful alima...u spoke the hearts of millions....this show will always hold special place in our i know which memories to evoke wenever i will feel sad and depressed in life....

    words fall short wen i try to describe the immense talent of Gurmeet and Drashti....never once did i feel that maan and geet were not real....the actors made the characters alive on much so that i cud relate to their each much so that my heart is rending apart as the final hour is approaching...
    i will watch the final episode with this heavenly feeling that i hv been a proud viewer of the most wonderful love story on earth....
    maaneet's love for each other is divine....the profundity of it will continue to amaze me thruout my life....

  10. It was the best series ever for me ..........Somewhere it changed meaning of things for me ...thank for that geet ...It will always remain in our memories.....thanks a lot to geet team for this amazing trip of fantacy


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