Fan Speak: Joining Geet FB page on May’10 was cherry on top - Sabina!

My Mom used to say Allah always balances between grief and happiness. I believed it totally, when I started to watch GHSP, being through a mental trauma in my personal life. In addition, joining Geet facebook page on May’10 was cherry on top. I started to feel the essence of Maaneet's magical love with so many *Mahi moments*, sharing those with my Maaneet Maniac friends like me. 

I was not a Hindi serial person, and as a student of Sociology, I was working on my Professor’s thesis regarding immigrant Marriages in South Asia. When I watched the Geet promo, it seemed so interesting to me. But when the Delhi track started at 46 episode, Gurmeet just left me shaken!! Never felt so much passion for anybody in my real life. Maan Singh Khurana, the angry young man, the charmer, the most caring, loveable, most reliable Dream boy came in to our life with lots of happiness and hope while Geet became the voice of the poor girls like us.

Then the most adorable love story began with so many nok-jhok in KC, followed by Kurbaan hua, Behne dey, Outhouse night… and then came my most fav scene from Geet hue sabse paraye , “teri diwani”. I loved the mazar scene where Geet realized her feelings towards Maan and the way Drashti expressed it through her superb acting. I also loved Maan’s confusing expression, with same feelings in his eyes. Gurmeet is the king of Expression possessing a pair of the most beautiful eyes.

I love everything about Maaneet and Geet Hue Sabse Paraye. Don’t know when,*zindegi ke har subah Maaneet se suru hone laagi, n har raat Maaneet par khatam*. When Gurmeet became my Maan Singh Khurana in real Life… when I started to make *choti* like Geet… When my crappy life became so beautiful…?!?! Geet will never end for me. Never-ever!! Hope and pray the new channel will continue this love saga. 

I would like to thank Gurmeet Choudhury who portrayed the character of MSK so perfectly and Drashti Dhami too for her portrayal of Geet Handa , as well as Nissar Sir, Noel Sir, Barry Sir, Raju Sir, Gorky Sir and the rest of the cast and crew for giving us the most beautiful gift like GEET. Love you all!

Last but not least, all of my very positive and sweet Maaneet Maniac friends. Love you Maaneet Forever!

Sabina Hafiz


  1. Sabina, loved all the heartfelt words from you. We will always have the golden old episodes to watch again and again if Geet 2 does not happen.

  2. sabiiiiiiiiii *hugsssss* ...zindagi kia har subah maaneet se shuru n maaneet pe khatam...goshhhh... sach may kesa deewanapan hai hamara...haaye enjoying alot after reading everyone's writeups :-)

  3. well said Sabina.Geet is an integral part of our life.

  4. i will always miss pyaar ki ye ek kahani, geet hui sabse parayi, dil mil gaaye & miley jab hum tum

  5. amazing post by u my frnd.... maaneet love ll never end as u said wish it conrinues n the new channel cast only by gurti

  6. geet is an best serial in the world i never miss an single episode of geet.....iam crazy for serial......i love maaneet chem........miss u maaneet i just pray to god that u will come back soon in geet2......miss u maaneet


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