Fan Speak: Jane's Journey with Geet GHSP !

There is a girl called Jane
Chaos and Mayhem is her Game ;))

One fine day she saw Geet
Hooked totally she was, it was so Neat ;))

Then Maan came on the scene
All Jane's senses were a has been ;))

His ada, his arrogance, his eyes
We were all totally fida, our eyes wide as pies ;))

Geet's journey was totally riveting
We loved the way Maan and her kept meeting

Maahiii...Maahii haunted us day and Night
Raju Singh we thank you for that lovely Delight ;))

Jane knew the Devil was evil from the start
Abhisekh, Samir how well did you play your part!

Then one day Jane stumbled upon Geet's FB Page
OMG what fun and that became her place ;))

She met so many girls all so Crazy
Oh! those days full of Naasha, now so hazy ;))

We ran up and down the wall
on the discussion board we had a ball

Kurban hua made us all faint with pleasure
We still watch that dance at our leisure ;))

Jane started with her poems one day
Spared no one, as Notty thoughts came out to play ;))

There were poems about Maan and Geet
Lots of poems about their Love and their Preet

Poems about the Devil and his Naintara the Evil Queen
Poems about Brij that many have seen

Many poems about Maan's eyes so Naashili
All us drunk girls, Sab ne usse Pee lee

His pecs steamed up our specs
On his tight butt there were many checks ;))

We loved with Geet and with her we fought her battles
Every time Devil came on, he shook our rattles

We loved Daadiji and Nakul
They were both so awesomely Kwell ;)

Daadi's Hoo Haa! had us all in stitches
The Hoo Haa Club was formed, my life it still enriches ;))

One day Jane was challenged to write a hot love story
Maaneet in many guises, she wrote them in all their glory

Jane coined Yummylicious and Maanilicious
The words caught on and everyone started adding-licious ;))

Tum meri Maangetar banogi! Played such a part
Noel, GC, DD, Nissar for that scene alone I gave you my heart 

Brijveerji made us all shiver
He tried to steam and shock Geet, made her quiver

But as ever Maan saved her, Our Hero
Uske aage sub hai Zero! ;))

Then came Arjun and Annie what a surprise!
We expected Vikky but we got a high rise ;))

Villains and thrills, Gundas and dandas
We have seen them all, so many fundas

Hrishikeshji ne angle angle se cover kiya
So many close up's, Jane's special thank you aapko Diya ;))

Body doubles, Everyone in Team Geet,
Jane says thank you I hope one day we meet

Barryji's Naashile shabd, so addictive
Nissar's woh Chandani raate, full Moon's so seductive

Noel , Vincent, Barryji, Nissar, Mrinal and Swati
To Geet and us they were Diya aur Vaati

Maan's dark chocolate gaze, such sensuous intensity
Geet's lush pink lips and hyperventilating propensity ;))

Jane's journey with Geet is almost over
But I have so many fantastic friends now, from Delhi to Dover

I know this time has been special for us all
We have had great fun, a real rocking ball ;))

Thanks to Gorky, Gul and Nissar for Geet
To Dhrasti and Gurmeet you truly made Maaneet Complete 

I hope you enjoyed my stories and poems
All my coming and goings?

The Tears, Jane is shedding now are abundant,
Damn! she has now been made Redundant!! ;))

The End 

Thank you to The Hoo Haa club (u Know who u are) I am forever in your Debt for encouraging me to write.

A Special thank you from me to everyone who read my poems and Fan Fiction.
I Have had so much fun writing them for you all, there are more to come too ;))

Thank you To Rang Munch for asking me and allowing me to say my farewell to Geet.
(Sobs Inconsolably) Niha, Navya,Niti, Swati and Neeru Thank you.

I wish everyone Great Success in all their future Endeavours. I am sure we will meet here there and everywhere!



  1. Jane, wow, what a poem, just love it !!!! You have included the whole story in such a witty and funny way :)

  2. jane Nissar bhai ka naam bas 2 3 lines main missing hai, wahan bhi add kr deti :D

  3. Janey babes!!!!!!!!!!!!! No words to describe, absolutely, yummyliciusly, fantalaciously, uberliciously......delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Well Jane this one was the longest of all i guess
    but i feel it summarized everything...
    keep writing......i always wait for your poems
    We all sail in same boat where GEET is concerned.

  5. loved it, Jane...was wondering why u havent posted here as yet

  6. Awww Than k you guys!! U r awesome ;))

  7. Poppppppppet runs to buy up all the tissues at Walmart and import some more from China :DDD <3 it

    Poppet is the best
    O what a fun fest
    I ain't no pest
    But here is a test

    if you don't cry
    and ur eyes are dry
    I will come behind u with a baton
    and fry ur behind like bacon :DDDDD

  8. ha ha ha ha ha!

    This I can only expect from Sarah
    Kyu ke woh hai chahenwale Hamarah (Hindi has not improved LOL)

    From the frying pan to the Fire
    Jane's situation without Geet is dire

    But she onwards we March
    cos in our pants there is too much starch! :DD

  9. Whaow what happened to the edit button:

    Star- ch ch ch
    Ba - ch ch ch
    Moz - art - art
    Bee - tho - ven
    Hand - el - el
    Pop - et - et
    I aaaaaammmmm
    Nut - ssssssssssss
    bahahha :)))

  10. jane, u look very pretty, very nice poem of the journey of geet and the characters.

  11. Jane the Kavita Queen of G Page. Absolutely wonderful. Loved it..

  12. Aww thanks everyone I love your comments! Gitthhhhhh I miss u!

  13. Janey as usual loved your wit! Awesome darling---- roko na toko na Janeyko gaana gaane do!

  14. Jane .... I am sobbing .. What a lovely journey it was .. that came to an end tooo fast ... I sooo wished that it would last :***(((( Your poems / FFs made those unable turns in GHSP bearable and fun ... please, don't ever put down your pen .. :)

  15. U r the best jane
    m ur biggest fane..;)
    lovely poem dear....


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