Fan Speak: GEET page administrator crowned me as the 'Poll Queen':Safi!

I could picture myself roughly over a year ago sitting in front of my laptop biting my nails and impatiently waiting for the clock to strike 9:00 pm in India. Just to let you know I was living in the UK hence the time difference was getting on my nerves. I had to type in the Google search, local time in Mumbai, India and keep refreshing the page so that I don't miss the countdown. You might wonder what this 'Hoo Haa' is all about. I am actually waiting for my favourite tv series to air on StarOne. YES! I am talking about the best thing that has ever happened to me...GEET Hui Sabse Parai!!

Although I started off watching the show on it's 11th episode, not to mention it was the episode which showed the introduction of MAAN, THE character which kept me hooked onto the show ever since and the combination of MAAN and GEET, most famously known as MAANEET changed my mere interest towards the show to unconditional love and obsession. I caught up with missed episodes in a day.

As a person who's first language is not Hindi and who has no connection whatsoever with India, without any doubt I can say that this show broke all language barriers and took me to another level and connected me with people not only in India, but all around the globe. Thanks to the GEET fan page on Facebook, I was blessed with the opportunity to interact with thousands of fellow GEET fans around the world who were as crazy as I was about the show and made me feel that I am not alone *winks* 

Then began the addiction of spending 24/7 on GEET page discussing about daily episodes, writing analysis, editing pictures and most importantly posting my daily polls on the page which ended up the GEET page administrator crowning me as the 'Poll Queen' *grins* My love for the show was so strong that I also joined with a team of people who uploaded subtitled videos of GEET episodes on Facebook on a page called BoloGEET. The best part about this is that the team of people became very good friends and are still together.

Now coming to my all time favourite scene in GEET. 26th August 2010, the day when MAAN forces GEET to become his Mangethar. The situation was apt with Pari's exit, the atmosphere was romantic with the soft trickling rain and the scent of candles, GEET was stunning and MAAN was too hard to resist. I could still remember how MAAN's lips curled into a smile when GEET said 'Haan' and the shocking pain on his face when she changed the word in to a sentence of agreement to be his mangetar. The passion of love burning within them was stronger than the flame of the candle MAAN was holding. The scene ended perfectly with MAAN carrying GEET in his arms and the unofficial engagement completes itself 

Thank you GEET team for giving me an experience to remember, moments to cherish and people to love, even after the show ends.



  1. this is why we want geet to be the first show to come out on d.v.d scince ramayan because it is the best luv story ever told thank you g.h.s.p team

  2. Safi, thanks for the memories darling ! We have been pals since the beginning of Geet and I have only grown to cherish you more as a very dear friend and someone I can always count on for anything :) You have described exactly what I used to do as well, before Geet airing started in India. Sitting in US in front of my lappy, and not understanding Hindi at all, waiting for the latest updates with bated breath! Those really were the good old days ! Loved all your polls and the admin crowning you as "Poll Queen". But most of all, I am proud to call you my friend. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
    Mangetar scene is also one of my favorite scenes that I will remember forever with fondness. Thanks for putting the words together beautifully.
    Love and hugs always !

  3. the only thing i can say is u recollected those memories...!!!!!!!!!thanks a lot miss."Poll Queen"..

  4. Safi wafi our beautiful Poll Queen....we r still pole dancing with u babes ;))) Love your write up ;))I will never forget the way we used to hijack and drive you mad with alternative answers to your polls...Gosh I so miss those days!!
    But we are all still together even if we are spread right across the world for that I am grateful. Hugs.

  5. hei u have written so beautifully ... I am becoming nostalgic .... ds forceful proposal scn one of my favs too but probably my most fav scn was tere deewani-dargah scn... it was heavenly n serene ... a feeling of out of d world came with the ambiance of Dargah n added to it that beautiful sufiana song ... lyrics was soo apt... it ws like Geet cud realize her feeling for Maan for the first time n just like Radha in Hindu Mythology she also found her God in her love ... it was where love n God became the same

  6. Oh my gosh Safi, read your post after such a long long time. Great take on it. I still remember the POLL that you did for Maan's Bachelor Party song. Finally won sheela ki jawani.

    bring back so many memories

  7. good old days! our cute adorable poll queen was one of the reasons of getting attracting to the fb page :-) love u safi :-) n miss you ...myra


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