Fan Speak: "Behne De" was my most favourite scene : Sara Maaneet!

When Swati asked me to write about my journey with Geet and what it has meant to me, the only thing I could think about were the people that I met. Long forgotten is the craze I once felt for each and every episode, the constant repeat viewing of every moment and the restless anticipation for the next 17.00 G.M.T to roll around. These things did not come to mind till a long time later. 

Instead, I remembered all the endless hours of laughter, crying with it; so much abundance of laughter that even now when I think back on it I involuntarily smile. I don't just recall the maaneet moments or the Devil directed gaaliyans or even the baby fiasco, but instead I instantly think of all the beautiful, kind, sincere, loving women I have met, who have become my friends, my sisters. 

Ladies that I believe God himself sent in to my life, who have been my anchor, my motivation and who have given their love and affection freely and unreservedly. For me this journey was indeed one of love. Not just the one shared on screen, but between soul sisters across the globe, in all corners of the world, from all walks of life. With all our differences, we still found one commonality of mutual respect and affection and it would not have been possible without what is only just a serial but I will always treasure it for this fact alone that it has brought me my wonderful ladies.

Behne de was my most favourite scene till date. It captured the essence of Maan and Geet as individuals and maaneet as a couple. That entire sequence captured what we love best about Geet - her spontaneity, her love for life, her sorrow and yet she lived. That moment captured Maan's struggle with himself, his defeat to his own feelings, a man in conflict and that was the moment when Maan and Geet for me became Maaneet. It was from there that I got my name from :o) ... behne de ~ Sara Maaneet

We would like to thank Sara for sharing her experience with Rangmunch.TV!!


  1. Love u Sara U chupi rustam u write so well ;))
    Behne de is also one of my favs.

  2. how eloquent Sarakins!!
    I know you mean me and just included the rest of the cows just so they wudnt kill you

  3. Lovely write up Sara !!! Behne De is my most favorite scene too since it was the very scene that got me hooked onto Geet!!!
    There was something about that scene that made me think and look beyond the obvious and I think with you having explained it so well, I shall say no more, cos even today when i hear the song, I think Maaneet, their hug Maan his helplessness before he eventually gives in!! There i get started again.. I cant believe this journey is about to end .. :(
    we have never spoken but this one scene just made me write so much to you!!! Thats wad Geet did to most of us !!!
    thanks for writing in.


  4. Sara, loved everything you said :) We all have found such close friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime:D Thanks for wording it so beautifully :) Love and hugs !
    What a beautiful scene , that Behne De :) Geet showed her carefree side to Maan and he truly saw her for what she was ,full of life but sensed her sadness too

  5. :o) Even tho i stopped watching ages ago, i still feel sad its coming to an end.. i guess its all the reminiscing thats been taking place this week..

  6. me too loved it... it was d 1st time Maan accepted that Geet is changing him... in just after this his f8 with his own feelings started which lead him to fall in love with Geet ..<3 Maaneet.. love them forever .. sayanee

  7. My fav scene is also Behne de seq..

  8. lovely write up which conveyed all our feelings. Hope we get back to see those kind of sequences again.

  9. Sara awesome writing. this is one of my favorite episode too. You have captured the moment and put them in words so beautifully.

  10. Sara (((((HUGS <3)))) thank you, I was looking forward to your article in hope. Lovely one my child!!!

  11. i can never ever forget those beautiful moments last maanday feel so sad today :'(

  12. have expressed what most of us are feeling in such a wonderful manner....

    For me the ear-ring (JA) moment was what hooked me and kept me thinking of potential scenarios (what I define as being CRAZY for a TV Serial????)

    I still cannot believe that GHSP got me into a virtual world with friends across the globe and I love that I got into this world...

    And I still cannot believe that I actually became crazy for a TV serial of all things....

    And all the lovely things you have written about meeting me (yeah its of course about me and not the others *wink*) - thanks for those kind words...

    Hail the Hoo Haa Sisterhood...


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