The Director Psyche: Sundeep Sharma!

On a scale of 5 (1 being lowest and 5 being highest) how many marks would you give to the following?

¨       Importance of story:   5
¨       Importance of screenplay:  5
¨       Importance of music:   4
¨       Importance of a good assistant: 5
¨       Importance of good-looking actors. 3

In the options given below which one of the following inspires you the most. Starting from 5 - 1 (5 being highest and 1 being lowest) mark them in the order of priority.

¨       A book - 5
¨       A movie  - 5
¨       Another show – 2
¨       A real life experience - 5
¨       A rival doing better than you - 5

If your day at work has been really crappy, you would:

¨       show it on family and friends
¨       go take a walk
¨       bitch out hard to a friend till your mouth hurts and heart eases
¨       Ignore it as a part and parcel of your job routine.

If you found out two of the actors on your show have become a real life couple you would:

¨       Confront them and tell them you will not tolerate this on your set.
¨       Congratulate them and incorporate more of their scenes in the show.
¨       Be indifferent to them as they are not concerned with your life.
¨       Treat them differently on the set, treat them differently outside.

In case of a conflict in vision with your writer, you would:

¨       Talk to him/her and explain it is visually not possible.
¨       Ignore what is written, take a call, shoot, and then let the writer know
¨       Ignore your vision and shoot what is present in the script as long as the episode goes on air.
¨       Try to balance out between what is written and what can be presented in order to not wreck your personal equation with the said person.

An actor is repeatedly performing badly and has been receiving negative feedback. As a Director, you would:

¨       Take him out on a friendly informal dinner and explain stuff to him/her.
¨       Yell at him, since you are tired of repeatedly telling him/her.
¨       Ask his closest friend on the set, to talk to him/her and explain stuff
¨       Give him/her as little screen space as possible to cover up the flaws.

Your close buddy in the same profession as you has won an award that you sincerely believed you deserved. You would:

¨       Congratulate him/her first and hope to win the next year.
¨       Take your time to come to terms with it and then give her/him a call to wish them.
¨       Ignore the person totally till the time; you have the award in your hand next year.
¨       Totally give up on the concept of rewards and Awards as a benchmark for performance.

One fine day you realize that you are no longer interested in your current project for whatever reason, you would: 

¨       Prepare to pack your bags and move on to the next project that catches your attention. 
¨       Introspect, find out the reason for your lack of interest, and go about correcting them.
¨       Ignore the feeling and go about your work as best as you can. After all, you are being paid for it.
¨       Continue the project and let everyone on the sets bear the brunt of it.

Interviewed by:
Swati Ghosh
Niharika Vidya Sagar


  1. my thumb is up lways for ghsp team as they gave us maaneet and a always be greatfull to whole ghsp team never gonna gorget this show and maaneet they rock and inshallah they come back soon for now am just missing maaneet and hope gurti come back soon oncreen together so it 5 from my side :)
    GHSP GURTI AND MAANEET always rock love u muaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  2. Wow Sundeep jee you rocked. Hope to see you in another show soon or a movie.

    Keep us updated and Thanks for Geet


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