An Actor Psyche: Deepali Pansare!

Rangmunch.TV had a quick chat up with beautiful and chirpy Deepali aka Payal of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon on Star Plus. We put forth some hypothetical situations which Actors usually encounter in their day to day work, and  asked her to pick the best possible option that she thought would be apt to deal with the given scenario. 

You have picked a role you had never excepted to bag, but the role turns out to be totally opposite once you start enacting it, you would: 
  • Inform the writers and director about your dissatisfaction
  • Give some input at your level and try and cover up with your acting and touches on the show.
  • Ignore it and act, as long as you get paid for it.
  • Walk out of the show, as it would be against what you had perceived. 

Your chemistry with your co-star has become the talk of the town and your fans have been badgering you with uncomfortable questions you would: 
  •  Ignore them since they don't know the entire truth
  • Give an interview and clarify my stance
  • Spread the word through a common friend that there is no truth in whats being talked about.
  • Enjoy the attention, while the show is on as it works for the show and my popularity.

You have been asked to replace an important lead actor on a hit show, you would: 
  • Take up the challenge, since you are confident you would make a place for yourself.
  • Call up the actor you are replacing, have chat with that person and take tips for the role.
  • Log onto a fan-forum and check the popularity of the character before taking the role up.
  • Not take up the role, since you  prefer doing something new and fresh.

A person who calls himself/herself your biggest fan, has been spreading wrong news about you and has been posing as you on a social networking site, you would:
  • Talk to the person,and request him/her to stop doing this as you think they are doing it out of love.
  • Make a clarification through your own account that there is an impostor.
  • Go to the police and get the person arrested for misrepresenting you and cheating.
  •  Ignore it as a part of becoming a celebrity.

Your close buddy in the same profession as you has won an award that you sincerely believed you deserved. You would: 
  • Congratulate him/her first and hope to win the next year.
  • Take your time to come to terms with it and then give her/him a call to wish them.
  • Ignore the person totally till the time, you have the award in your hand next year.
  • Totally give up on the concept of rewards and Awards as a benchmark for performance.

Hope you love reading the responses as much as Deepali enjoyed
answering them. Cheers!! 

Interviewed by:
Niharika Vidya Sagar
Swati Ghosh 



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