Currently, we are witnessing an Obsessive love track in Geet Hui Sabse Parayi. The track is intriguing and has gripped viewers for various reasons, but let’s look beyond the obvious. What made Maan Singh Khurana the ‘Dream Man’ of millions in the real world is his selfless love and undivided attention for his Beloved. Geet has been Maan’s reason for existence. She is the Be all and End all of his life. A smile on his Geet’s face is worth a million dollars while her gloomy face brings his world to a standstill. Maan Singh Khurana is a combination of three P’s …Passionate, Possessive and Protective.

Love is God’s BOON to mankind. However, Love at its extreme intensity is termed as Obsession, which is a CURSE. There is a fundamental difference between Love and Obsession. While Love is centered on the happiness of your beloved, Obsession is self-centered. An obsessed individual not only portrays passion, but also is cruel and vicious. He/she can go to any extent to get his or her object of desire and incase of denial can destroy oneself or destroy the object of obsession. While Love is also the other name for Sacrifice, Obsession is all about Possessing.

Whether it was Brij or Nayantara, Maan has always stood like a ROCK between Geet and her troubles and has ensured her well-being at all times. We always admired the diligent Maan who would sense trouble much before it surfaced and take action without any delay. With his wit and intelligence, he would mar every evil intention of his enemies that gave viewers the assurance that in Maan’s presence even Geet’s shadow is secure.

However after a long time we have seen a twist in the tale. For the first time, we have a worthy adversary in the name of Vikram who has not only dared to love Geet, but has also openly challenged ‘The Maan Singh Khurana.’ We now have a Man who is equally passionate, intelligent, and aggressive like Maan and can go to any extent to possess Geet. The high profile security arrangement proved futile because Vikram not only entered the Khurana Mansion and created havoc in Maaneet’s paradise but he tricked Maan Singh Khurana in disguise. The defiant Vikram made Maan realize that he is a force to reckon with and even the walls of Khurana Mansion can no longer protect Geet. Maan is unable to ease a panick stricken Geet, which is making him all the more restless and helpless.

Also after witnessing the divine love story of Maaneet, this track will bring forth the darker side of Love, which is traumatic and undesirable.

Nevertheless, we also know that challenges like these bring forth the possessive and ferocious side of our Sher Singh Khurana. He will rip apart anyone who poses a threat to his Geet and hence the Face off between Maan and Vikram would definitely be a visual treat for all Maaneet Fans.

A BIG round of applause to the entire Cast and Crew of Geet Hui Sabse Parayi for portraying clich├ęs but with a difference.    

Swati Ghosh


  1. Bring it on baby ;)) Thank Swati great article and I am so looking forward to Maan beating Vikkilicky to a pulp, Swarryy Vikki ;))!

  2. Thanks swathi. nice artical ap ni jo love aur obsession ki beech ka fark bataya vo accha tha. hami patha hi ki jab tak maan hi vickram geet ko kuch nahi kar saktha

  3. Maneet rocksss!!
    No one can beat their chemistry!!
    Maan will win in the end in this war!
    B/c of maneet love!

  4. Bravo Swati, Bilkul Sahi likha aapne pyaar ki depth ke bare mai. Honestly I watched it after 2 months. Vikas Sethi aka Vikram is strong actor and I hope PH keeps him for little longer and also define this track nicely.

    Nicely written article and Barry paji ke shabdo mai hum likhte jaye aur app appreciate kare. Keep penning and follow your dreams.

  5. Nice artical...MSK...Is All for Geet & Geet is Msk's Life. MSK can do any..for Geet.
    yaa Vikas also in good Job.But I wnt MSK..Give astrong reply to Vikram..

  6. wowow lovely artical love ur 3 p's n sher singh khurana words

  7. nice show plz do not let them end this show

  8. awesome article..thank you.. :)

  9. drasthi gurmeet aur vikas theeno acche actor hai, mujhe dd aur vikas ki tunning bahut pasand aayi , track bahut accha ban raha hai,


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